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supertobes 35M
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5/22/2005 12:15 am

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Supernatural Blonde.

Hey, another post with influence by Marvelous 3. .

I almost want to change the name of this blog to something like "Devotions to Amanda."

So, two updates concerning. The first is that, a few days ago, Amanda and I were IMing and she abruptly vanished. I... well, I won't clean it up. I pretty much agonized over her disappearance for the rest of that night and the following days, wondering if she was okay and if I'd done something wrong and if I was ever going to talk with her again.

I came home from work tonight to finally find a reply from her, giving me a totally understandable reason for all of it. Poor girl. But, thankfully, she doesn't hate me and still wants to talk, so I'm gleeful.

The second update is that, a few hours later, I spoke with her sister via IMs. A and I had been kicking around the idea of me talking with her sister for a little while, and the sister IMed me out of no where and we started talking. I realize that this was the "check out the guy to make sure he's cool and/or I approve" thing for A, but I still had fun talking with the sister, and I hope I didn't make too silly an impression.

All in all, I'm glad about Amanda. I'm thankful for her.

And I'm anticipating.

Wahoo! AdultFriendFinder, I hope every one of you finds someone cool who clicks with you as well as A and I do. Good luck.

-- tobes

rm_xgerl 34F
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6/3/2005 2:33 pm

Haha, funny. Amanda and I were driving around yesterday and Freak of the Week by Marvelous 3 came on the radio!

We both knew the words.

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