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9/1/2005 6:42 pm

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Everyone has them but many fear to explore their fantasies or fail to discover where there fantasies could actually take them. One very interesting fantasy is the thought of being with someone where an age disparity is apparent.

Young attractive guys sometimes hold the fantasy of just wanting to be with someone older than themselves. Don't get me wrong, we are attracted to younger women and women our age, but the fantasy of being with an older woman, married woman or divorced woman really turns us on. The fantasy works both ways though.

Often times I've seen women on AdultFriendFinder specifically looking for younger men. Perhaps that younger-guy stamina is what they are looking for or maybe they can't find someone that can keep up with them, sexually. Younger guys, specifically guys around my age range, tend to have sex on the mind at all times and we happen to be at our sexual peaks.

If you share this same fantasy, leave a comment and express your desires. Perhaps we can all find someone here that will be like-minded.

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