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11/4/2005 11:39 pm

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email me for fun

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11/5/2005 7:06 am

Here's a joke I liked..hope you do too...

The hot spot

Unusually for a mid August day in London, it’s very, very hot. Ursula has been busy. She’s washed the floor, made the evening’s roast meal and taken the washing out of the washing machine and hung them up. Then she leaves the house to go pick up some dry cleaning. As Ursula walks to the shops, she’s perspiring profusely so when she comes to a pub, she says to herself, "Goodness me, it's hotter than hell today, so why not? I must go get a drink or I’ll pass out."
She enters. When the bartender asks what she would like to drink, all she can think of is a cold beer, her husband Bob’s favorite drink when he’s hot. So she replies, "You know, it is so hot, I think I'll have myself a cold beer."
"Anheuser Busch?" asks the bartender.
Ursula blushes and replies, "Very fine, thanks, and how's your pecker?"

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