keep on trucking the world is free  

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6/15/2005 12:13 am

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keep on trucking the world is free

the moon is bronken and the sky in cracked; come on up to the house; man tom waits is fucking amazing
not a whole lot to think about other than sleep; why vent when not all pent up?
i don't however understand why the size of one's member bothers guys so much? every nude picture of a dude on this any online sight is dedicated to a turgid phalis. Really folks i haven't met too many people that can get by with zippy personality in reagular life and have an active sensual life. In everyday life its personality that gets you company, no doubt in my mind.
If you have a propensity to say the wrong god damn thing when a person who's feeling you open's a conversation with you then said conversation will terminate with nothing more than a bitter taste left in the attracted person.
why the hell did i take pictures of myself? Well alcohol, alcohol and desperation may provise a dangerous fuel for a desperate soul.
Do supposed heterosexual males really concern themselves with how they look in frott of other men naked as i've heard from the television peoples? Is that really an underlying impetus in the quest for penis enlargement?
ARE WE ALL INSECURE? women included, but i believe that most of society accepts that the current standard of beauty that we are pelted with from every outlet are influencing women-reading back that was a very tedious point; fuck it right? after all this is somewhat of a stream of conciousness after all...
neyer the less is it less accepted that men are trying to meet simular standards perpetuated by the media?

Why the fuck do i really care? Again fuck it as there are bigger shit in these hopeful year which we live..
i need to stop drinking
excuse my meandering point


oh yeah just as a point for tomorrow.... inter-species sex and don't think for a minute that i'm contemplating anything less than some peculiar personification fuled by cognizance of something intangible to myself

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