Flying into Town!  

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8/1/2006 2:03 pm

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Flying into Town!

Next to enjoying sex, I love speed the most!! One of my dreams is to have a very fast car and to speed down this huge hill just outside our town. I just love the adrenalin rush!!

Working in town is a thrill. I fly in and out of town. From home to work is about 22km. I have been trying to see how fast I can drive there. My record so far is 7 minutes.... but there are a lot of roadworks making it impossible to better this record.

I have had a lot of fun in cars. Making love in cars in the strangest places. My fondest memory was giving my boyfriend (now my hubby) blow-jobs while he was driving his car on the highway. Him fighting not to lose control, simultaneously fingering me to the an earth shattering climax and blowing his load while driving the car through the peak traffic.

One of the most erotic moments was one night when we were driving back from a party and I was feeling tipsy & helluva horny, giving two 16yr old teenage girls a lift back from the party, both of them pretending to be asleep in the back of the car after a good party. I pretended to lie my head on his lap, feeling his cock harden I decided to give him a nice blow-job. I undid his zip deftly and started licking his cock up and down the shaft, gently nibbling the head, then I started sucking it, moving my head up and down. I kept looking up at his face to see his reaction. He was concentrating so hard not to moan. His arms were jammed straight to try and obscure their view and his hands were clenching onto the steering wheel, biting his tongue, glancing at them in the rear view mirror.

He did a good job, driving carefully, but one block away from our house his cock exploded, flooding my mouth with his yummy love juice. I drank his warm cum and licked him clean before we stopped outside our gate.

He pretended to shake me awake and quickly pushed his limp cock back into his pants. I always wondered it the girls knew what I was doing or did they truely believe that I was asleep on his lap?

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