And Don't Forget That Nasty News Nookie  

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8/17/2005 5:01 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

And Don't Forget That Nasty News Nookie

I don't want to let the movie and TV sitcom tarts hog all the spotlights of spunk spillage - I wouldn't want to leave out our brave and beautiful babes working in the field of news. (If you call Entertainment Tonight and the Today Show news, that is.)

Anyone remember that great Conan O'Brian panty crotch shot given by Leeza Gibbons awhile back? Nice white ones! Mmmm... yum. My hat's off to the man for not shutting off the cameras and diving right down there on the spot!

And a few years ago perky little Katie Couric even had an on-air rectal exam - now that was hot! That camera tube went through every velvety valley I'd like my tongue to travel up into. Now her husband has passed on, so she's either humping strangers like mad or vigorously rubbing off every night.

So for starters, I'd love to see that long horsy face (the best kind for blowjobs) of Leeza milking away on my massive meatstick, while my face was buried up Katie's glorious glutes! Which one of them would get the first cum shot of the night all over their pretty face? All we know is that ONE of them sure would! And that's the news!

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