was i turned out or what????  

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5/12/2005 12:40 am

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7/7/2006 9:18 am

was i turned out or what????

I really cant say who he was but i can explain the situation...He was much older and i, younger of course! I had a grwoing attraction to him from the day i met him...he was always so polite, clean, always smelled great...never did he wear something i couldnt identify and i think that is how i got his attention...every time i saw him he asked if i could guess his cologne...he was very entertaining especially with his conversation and we had some very intense gazes...(i call them eye sessions)could
melt the north pole i swear...well being the work-a-holic i was at the time my birthday was approaching...he asked my boss for the day off for me so he could do something nice...i was completely thrown by the extent of his kind gestures...it was so very romantic...it was partially a fantasy i shared with him mixed with a little bit of his own Old World Charm. I thought i had to work just as any other day but when i got there i had a letter on my desk. There were instructions for me to follow....starting with calling my boss and telling her a special password...(it as "sunrise forever") and she said well that means i got the day off work and i could come back the next night to make up what i missed...the next
instruction was to go to my locker and the next steps would be there...i was thinking what a hoax...who is behind this and why me of all people...so i called my boss and told her
that i dont mind working and she screamed and hollered at me telling me to leave so i asked her what was going on and told her about the note on my desk...she said well just do
everything what is the harm...i knew then they were behind something...and i didnt know that...so i went to my locker and there was the most beautiful gown...with one red rose...and
a note. i was supposed to follow the petal trail to get the next clue...it was simply funny and i didnt know what to do...so i didnt put the dress on just carried it to a trail that took me around in a circle...i passed several people
i knew and they just laughed, wouldnt tell me anything...when i got back to my locker, there was another rose and a pair of shoes that i had been admiring for a few weeks...so i knew
something was up...the next step was for me to go to my car...when i got there, there was a limo in front of my car and of course
i didnt pay it no mind...i tried to get to my car but the limo was just too close so when i went to tell the driver to move it was a familiar face...an old business partner who just
asked me to get inside no questions asked i didnt want to....i knew he wasnt a bad person but i still didnt know what was going on...and he was so frustrated that i wasnt dressed...i
had a photo shoot with a few friends the day before so i was still "dolled up" just in casual clothes...so he agreed to move and the note on my car asked me to please just go through with the exercise...with another red rose...so
i got in my car and decided that i wasnt up for games and tried to leave but before i could get to the exit out of the structure the limo driver had a message for me...it was my boss threatening my job if i didnt participate...it was too funny...she said lots of people worked hard so i can have a good time i better have one!!!!it was too funny...so i went back inside
and got dressed...(the gown fit every curve and was just the right length)when i went to board the limo there was 6 roses there with another note...telling me to get in the limo and go to the lighthouse (at belle isle..small island
that separates detroit from canada). I knew something was up because the lighthouse was my favorite place to go...just to be alone...so when i got as close as i could(a good 5 minute
hike from the streets) there was a red carpet rolled out laced with all kinds of flower petals...it was extra romantic...when
i got there there was a chair with candles all around...not too breezy so most of them stayed lit...under the chair was a very romantic poem along with more instructions...i was to close my eyes and wait for my knight in shining armor...and if he didnt come after 5 minutes go back to the limo...well he didnt show...the note on the window of the limo was for me to go to the pier maybe prince charming would be there...so i went...still no sign of him there was a tape recorder there with a few happy birthdays from friends and co-workers saying i better have all details at work tomorrow...im
like details of what im on a goose hunt!!!!when i got back to the limo i was asked to be blindfolded...ok they were really pushing me so i didnt agree...so the limo driver called BOB(we will call him....BOB for now)and told him
i wasnt up for the blindfolding part. i tried to get the phone from him and told him just to take me back to the office...before we left Bob showed up, he thought we were having car trouble...which i explained to him we were not..he laughed it off and said he would take me back...i felt so ashamed...but greatful that i ran into someone i knew...he thought i looked beautiful and didnt want to waste a good evening...and decided to take me to a "special place." he knew the operators of the aquarium and we went there...when i noticed the flowers
and card it hit me that it was bob the whole time...candles marked our path (its a tiny place but decent)and the note said i wish all your days can be full of laughter and happiness
and i meleted into a pool of sunshine!!!!No one had ever went to such length just to get a smile on my face...i was covered in tears it was so nice....there was light music playing in the background and we danced...it was so beautiful...he said he cooked a great dinner so we went back to his place and it was just incredible...candles everywhere...the
aromas, the everything i was so impressed...we never had a convesation outside work..i assumed he was with someone...who wouldnt want a man like that!!!but he wasnt...we ate...sat
by the fire and talked til at least 8 in the morning...i held him, he held me, it was so great...we went on at least 4 dates before the idea of physical intimacy was ever brought up...talk about making love...we made delicious!!! I have yet to ever be so stimulated, so aroused, so intoxicated by bliss...it was amazing...and thats putting it lightly...I loved the kind of person he was...he always knew the right words to say and he loved me. I never had to question that...he died but still lives in my very soul....i miss him reatly
but appreciate the love he had for me. it made me realize that settling for something less than i deserve let alone want would never happen...I am sure that i will find love again but if not agian...i have already had a lifetime of
memories....and i am just happy with that....so i guess i was more than turned out..... since then my satisfaction had to be turned down a notch...i guess i was looking for him in someone else...and that didnt really work...i learned
alot about people and myself....if thats being turned out then i need to try that more often....

live more, laugh often, love much

poyntz4us 61M

5/26/2005 9:55 am

Memories are one of the biggest driving forces in our lifes.

Poyntz \8

MsLoveRose 33F  
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5/26/2005 10:39 am

that is the truth...i think the world is made up of memories!

live more, laugh often, love much

purplehouse69 57F
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7/7/2006 6:38 am

What a story. Belle Isle lighthouse if my very favorite place too! I could visulize you there. How romantic.

I was wondering how your sweetheart died? How long did that happen after meeting him? I lost my husband seven years ago, and by the way he was the one who introduced me to Belle Isle Light House.

I think that relationships are all practice - helping us to sort out who we really are, making boundries for what we like and don't like, and giving us examples of where we need to set our expectations of realtionship.

I am not sure what we are practicing for because but even in the best relationship we still have room to grow.

Thanks for sharing. Violeta

MsLoveRose 33F  
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7/7/2006 9:18 am

it was a drunk driver. and it happened maybe two years after we met....(maybe a year after we had been together) he was taking a walk with his grandma...he pushed her out the way but was severely injured in the accident...

as sad as it made me feel...i feel great now to know that i had the opportunity to have such a great love.

thanks for the comment!!

live more, laugh often, love much

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