time flys by!!!!  

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time flys by!!!!

just when i think i can get ahead....have sometime....share some feelings...i lose all track of time...thats all we have so quickly the random thoughts from the last few days.....

june13- monday was a blast, i did some things that made me feel proud and gifted....cut some hair, cooked some food, cleaned, just a little yard work...i even got complimented on my walk...that i had so much grace and confidence...it couldnt have went any better but it did....i was strolling through the photo gallery here(something i have only done once) and stumbled upon a picture that was so intriguing i just had to ponder about it....i didnt want to make a scene so i just sent a wink....maybe the person behind the picture might think i was crazy for seeing all that i did in just one little picture. Turns out he is more than a grain of sugar on beach of white sand....who knows...

june 12-sunday was not the worst kind of day...not the best it was one of those reflective days....i saw an ad on tv for fishing reels and i thought of how i used to be so excited when my grandpa called me and wanted me to go fishing with him...the exciting part was digging for worms...even though i found a few he always went to the bait shop and got some extra.....sunday was a good day....tears of happiness....as i remembered the days of youth!

june 11-saturday....saturdays are always full of life and excitement....i was in the cooking mood and made some really great pancakes...nice and fluffy, almost perfect round!!! it was awesome....i had some relatives over and they were just in awe at the love and heart that went into my food....i made stuffed peppers and a great tomatoe sauce for dinner that night.....everyone was just so flattered...that made me smile....i know i love cooking but to see them so sated...that made my heart smile.

june 10-friday was an anxious day....from the start of my day i was just antzy....running around in circles...trying to do this and that....and be done with it....it wasnt such a long day just full of life....by nightfall i got a chance to go watch the sky....and become one with nature again... it was just good!!!!

live more, laugh often, love much

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