The man in the corner  

MsLoveRose 33F  
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10/5/2005 2:43 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

The man in the corner

Thinking ….
Curious …
About a beautiful woman

He knows just what to say
He knows just where to look
To captivate her
To mesmerize her

He sat in the corner
That a beautiful woman
Would make his dreams come true

With just a blink of an eye
Before his very eyes
A smiling soul
And an intense glare

His eyes matched hers
The room seemed so big
But he heard her heart beat
He heard her eyes call to him

The man in the corner
This beautiful woman
Has stolen his heart

To be continued….

© copyright 2005 sunrise

live more, laugh often, love much

pASSionwantd2 50M
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10/5/2005 11:19 pm

I really feel this,Very Nice.....

methodman1000 40M
1775 posts
10/6/2005 12:39 am


AlbertPrince 57M

10/6/2005 12:46 am

Tell her to give it back


10/6/2005 7:03 am

So what does the man do? Will he pursue his heart?

MsLoveRose 33F  
2432 posts
10/6/2005 10:17 am

Soooo many you just have to wait for the next installment!!! its coming!!! or was this just a dream>????

live more, laugh often, love much

Bellefourchelove 62M

10/10/2005 7:46 am

Just one look is sometimes all it takes!

MsLoveRose 33F  
2432 posts
10/10/2005 11:08 am

oh keith...isnt it such an overwhelming feeling!!!?????

bell..welcome and thanks for visiting!!! you know i had that passing thought...well i have it a few times....even with just a glance...sometimes you can imagine!!!! you can think...its nice...sooo very nice!

live more, laugh often, love much

redswallow777 48M
6810 posts
10/20/2005 3:13 am

Such a successful provacative......

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