Heartbeats again!  

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11/25/2005 11:35 am

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Heartbeats again!

so in order to get the idea behind this...you should read Heartbeats!.

OHHHH dont predict that which you cannot control!!!

caller: Hi, about meeting, well
ME: whats wrong, gee i had a hunch this would happen
*walking towards the door

Caller: well listen, i have something for you...

Caller: where are you?

*click open lock, open the door, looks outside, empty. eyes searching the night, nothing, all is still. opens the screen to early winter wind. there is a flower

Caller: are you there?
ME: yes

Caller: what are you doing?

Caller: sunrise?
me: im on the porch.

Caller: how did you know...i left something?
Me: because you were hesitant on showing up...and when you called i figured you had already been here.

Caller: oh, i remember you could sometimes know my thoughts. you were always so deep
Me: why didnt you come inside??

caller: i dont know
Me: please come back!

Caller: just read the note, maybe you wont want me back
Me: i dont care about the letter, too much time has passed and i havent seen you. Will you just come back?

Caller: sunrise, i cant
Me: why not? *in a shaky figthing back tears voice*

Caller: seems like all im able to do is hurt you. well you sounded so happy to hear from me. i dont want to do more damage than i already have. just read the note.
ME: you didnt answer the question...

Caller: i dont want to hurt you. Again. Im sorry, I love you. i have to go.
Me: wait

*call ends*

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The note~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

not a day goes by where i dont think of you. i miss you, i love you, i wish circumstances were different. you taught me a lot about love, you taught me a lot about me. I want you to know that i am a better person because of you. I will always love you, i cant bare to face you. because your forgiving heart and pure soul. well sunrise i wont allow myself to hurt you again. Thats why i cant look into your eyes, selfish me would want to stay there forever. i dont want that. i dont want to have to say goodbye. i dont want to feel like you hate me. although i always knew you didnt hate me. you loved me. somewhere inside i wished it was still there. hearing you made me realize that it was. or maybe it was wishful thinking. I remember when you filled my heart with joy. i was a fool. i know. i was an idiot. and i hope your scars dont run too deep. you are beautiful. and being this close to you. i wanted to see you. but i couldnt let you have pity for me. i couldnt face you knowing how much you were hurt. i wish things were different. i want to kiss you. i want to hold you. i blew my chance. i cant touch you anymore. any man should go to the stars for your love. thank you sweet sunrise. you are more than amazing!

what are the odds of me predicting that?????

fate told a story, and it never ends!

live more, laugh often, love much

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