The past 2 days  

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9/3/2006 6:15 am

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The past 2 days

Well, what an adventure I've had so far this weekend!
Friday night I did something that anyone that knows me would never believe I did.
I went *alone* not forced to a country bar/club.
Yes, by country I mean music. This is not a place I would ever be caught dead in previously nor would I enjoy.
My only reason for visiting was that I was meeting a group from the chat room. I guess I'm becoming a regular in the Texas chat room lately and I've started making some great friends in there So, I figured after sitting around inside all summer playing World of Warcraft it was time to get out and be sociable. The weather this weekend has been absolutely amazing.
So, I drove out there alone, I found the group and for some reason... the somewhat outgoing person I can usually be just will not come out with this group. I just really can't seem to get out anything witty or conversational. Maybe I've lost all that being cooped up for so long I felt uncomfortable for awhile, but eventually they "forced" me to join in. I watched the country dancin, the cowboys walkin around, the texas hold 'em being played, people on the buckin bronco. Very good for a people-watcher. I felt like the only chick there alone Probably better that way, I don't know. Anyway, I had a pretty decent time considering where I was. I met a bunch of people from the room which was great
So.... they invite me to a non-website party last night. I debated whether or not being in a different setting would loosen me up a little to get me more talkative. I ended up going and bringing a friend of mine I have met through the site. The weather was great so we were all outside, mostly just talking (and they were drinking and smoking). I just quit smoking again about 2 months ago and being around them makes me really want a cig I couldn't drink anything cuz I get too paranoid that its going to be too much when i drive home.
And again, I sat there not talking the entire time. *sigh* There are alot of talkers in this group so even if I did say something it would be hard to fit it in anywhere, but I'm sure I would have found a way. And because I'm so quiet, they think they are offending me or shocking me *sigh*
They didn't seem to realize that *I* was the one that knew how to get to The Amazing Superstore LOL
That should tell you something shouldn't it?
Anyway, I had alot of fun last night, everyone was super friendly, very nice. Invited me again today for a bbq with more people and kids *cringe*. They didn't even flinch when I mentioned I was vegetarian! I'm thinking I might just have to head over If i get there early enough I can get some drink with enough time to sober up before I leave
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angelofmercy5 59F
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9/3/2006 8:20 am

It's good to get out of the mold and do something you wouldn't usually do! Why don't you come on over and dance naked with us at LAST CAMPFIRE OF THE SUMMER!. And be sure you at least say "hi" so we know you're there.

_RoSe_ 47F
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9/4/2006 2:39 pm

I had a blast this weekend, and totally enjoyed meeting you. lol...and you were the one who knew where that was....dun remind you know who..not looking forward to that oh hell you know I am joking, give him the directions

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Trysten 48M

9/6/2006 6:22 am

he he he yes I want directions I need the pale he he he Sunflower we enjoyed yoyr company and I am looking forward to having you over at the next BBQ

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