My X-Files  

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1/29/2006 6:44 am

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My X-Files

Sad to say, but my partner in crime and in search of buddy, Agent Skully has moved away. Friendship is hard to find. It isn't as easy as ordering some curly fries and going large. It's a bit more than magic. It's probably more like trying to catch a shooting star in a jar.

Although I know I'm chasing that shooting star I hope to find a new buddy somewhere in this great state of ours.

Besides the awesome sex, we would talk about ET, conspiracies, the mystery of a dollar bill, dolphins, events and friends that shaped our lives, sports, and movies and a lot more.

As I continue this most excellent quest, I guess I'll write about it and keep those readers posted.

there is someone out there, Mulder.

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