Why is it so hard to meet likeminded people in here?  

sun_worshippers 47M/41F
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12/17/2005 5:20 am

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6/4/2009 9:00 pm

Why is it so hard to meet likeminded people in here?

We are a young and attractive couple looking for erotic / soft swinging partners ideally for friendship. People we can party with and potentially go on vacation with.
We are not looking for gang bang orgies or parties where you have to strip down when you enter. We feel a big part of this is the lead up to the "action" i.e. dancing, touching, slow undressing, female/female play etc.

Dont get us wrong - we DO go further than that but think we need to start somewhere

Does it really have to be all or nothing?

norprin5 55M

12/17/2005 7:20 am

no, it doesn't have to be all or nothing. it's nice to take it slow, ease into it, makes everything better.

welcome to blogland!

King Nor XVIII

drbear39 41M
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12/19/2005 4:26 am

hope u like it =)

guess it is just that u have not met pple who really appreciate what it really means to be friends first before comfort set in..


hope u have a nice day

werldtravlah 50M/47F

12/19/2005 5:51 pm

we are sure glad we met you guys

Sensualuvin 48M/48F
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12/20/2005 1:06 am

hmmm... sounds sensual to us ... what you need is some sensual luvin. Like you we embrace the romance of swinging. After all, sexual gratification does occur in the mind, as much as it does in the body. Teasing, innocent touches, the look, the laughter, all add to the build up. We enjoy just as much when we soft swing, as when we full. But like you, its really hard to find the right match in here. Could we be too choosy???

curiuos00000008 41M
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12/21/2005 12:02 am

me too

drbear39 41M
364 posts
1/6/2006 3:28 pm


hope a new year brings you a new hope!!
and u can find what u r looking for..


rm_wenchang1966 46M
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1/19/2006 6:36 pm

Let me join you, I can give you pleasent.

rm_wenchang1966 46M
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1/22/2006 5:44 pm

Hi, my dear, contact me and let me become you closed friend.

mzahid_me 38M
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2/12/2006 1:11 am

we wish we could meet some nice couple to exchange or share our experience

rednasia 51M/48F

7/2/2006 9:45 pm

Hello Guys, take it easy and wait for the roight couple to come. What you are looking for is rare in Singapore, but it worth the wait.
Try to connect also with visitors that are relaxed and midful of your needs. Visitors may become long term friends and meet once a year or so without the risk of discretion in this small island.

Be good (or carful) XOXO

rm_Chocolinho 46M

9/20/2006 6:05 am

Hey there, you two.

You're so right. I think, sex or no sex, things are always so much more fun when people have grace, are gentle and intelligent, and can have a sense of humour.

All the best - I hope you find what you're looking for.

hornycornysg 49M/50F

6/27/2007 2:28 am

Don't know if the blogger is still active... GF and I just broached the subject of swinging few days ago and we're really excited. So we're here looking for others. We're looking to start slow and easy as well.

sun_worshippers 47M/41F
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8/6/2007 5:24 am

we are indeed still active - have just renewed our membership and will be frequently on from now on.... lets get this blog more active...

we are now based in sao paulo brazil but have just returned from 3 great weeks in bali.... will upload some pictures

look forward to hearing from a lot of likeminded people be it in asia or south america (or elsewhere)

hornycornysg 49M/50F

8/6/2007 6:07 pm

Sun worshippers,

Good to see you back. Look forward to the pictures and more blog entries!

rm_fraholte 44G
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8/5/2010 4:05 am

hey...ville bare sige i ser godt ud...håber at høre fra jer

CPLhessen4U2 50M/50F
61 posts
8/25/2010 8:39 am

I was hoping to locate a BLOG in Denmark. We will be vacationing in Bornholm next July 2011 and were hoping to see if there are any lifestyle people there. Any ideas for us?

Thanks and we will continue to read your BLOG.

We are here and we are interested!!

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