no knickers  

sumpy2004 54M/53F
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5/7/2005 11:34 am

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7/20/2010 12:47 am

no knickers

being a fresh air type of person ?i never wear knickers if its warm, this teases the life out off my partner and myself sometimes, but hey lifes too short, makes the shopping more interesting anyhow, take the other day, we were doing the weekly shop ,filling the trolley when my partner said hey theres one? he said look over there? there was a realy fit looking young lad about 25years old and he was obviously by himself,
so i went to the next isle and my partner hung back abit, the young chap was looking at the pasta and i went just up from him and stretched over the display so my skirt went up alittle bit, and then i turned to put the stuff in the trolley,he smiled and i guess he must of had a good glimpse of my thigh, so i made a point of getting infront of him in the isle and when it was quiet i squatted down and looked at the tins on the lower shelf, the young chap was infront of me and he must of had a fantastic view up my skirt, his eyes were straight down to my pussy and it was obvious he couldnt believe his eyes,
we do this regularly me and my partner and it certainly makes shopping more fun ,

rm_bowdaddy08 32M
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5/9/2005 12:24 pm

Lol ya'll are some freaks over there. I'm young and if i did see an older lady do that i might have been tempted to slide a hand around or something

transporter1978 38M

5/12/2005 2:42 am

You 2 sound like a lot of fun, wish i knew where u done your shopping lol im in glos area and i luv you to tease me, luv to have u slide ur pussy on my cock while your partner watches mmmmm

rm_jazy_gl1 47M
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7/11/2005 10:31 am

im off to look at the pasta...

Spoonx2 62M/66F

7/12/2005 5:23 am

looks like the weekly shop could be fun after all,if only I knew where you shop.Love your photo, what a great body you have.

rm_tone290 51M
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7/21/2005 7:18 am

I just love women who don't wear knickers. Very sexy and you're right about the turn on factor. Just the thought while out with a lass not wearing knickers is arousing. Nice Body.

rm_sarandgra 47M/37F

8/11/2005 3:03 pm

can we say u have a great body & the thought of going out knickerless is such a turn on, how about letting us know where you shop so you could show that great body off

rm_tangoman692 50M/F
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9/20/2005 7:34 am

I have lots of pictures of my wife out and about with a naked pussy. Not tried showing it off yet in public but she loves showing it to me. I shop at Tesco's and always find I get a hard on at the check out. Come on let us all know where and when you shop. Name the time and place and let us all know what you will be wearing. The supermarket will be grateful takings will be huge just like our cock's. Sarandgra looks great. Cheers.

TricOfTheMind 45M
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9/24/2005 10:36 pm

Thats soooo naughty!
Your a bad girl,
go to my room!

sumpy2004 54M/53F
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10/17/2005 12:57 pm

heres a tip ? always on a tuesday,heehee

sumpy2004 54M/53F
8 posts
11/27/2005 11:12 am

hey tango man, i,ll have to stand by the checkout then, it must be all that bending over the trolley that does it for you? theres 2 tesco which one??

sparkyuk75 41M

2/9/2006 12:25 pm

sumpy2004 - Do u still do a tuesday? or any other day? cos i'd sure like to see what i've read about! lol. And if possible , as being in a supermarket, maybe have a little sample to take home and try? LOL

blgluvva 71M

6/28/2006 7:08 pm

Yep, that Tuesday thing at Tesco is maybe gonna take off ! I live very near one and will be looking out 4U - rough time of day ?

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