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10/13/2005 12:45 am

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Keep been urself and know 1 can every or should doubt ur motives in lyfe. Just understand if ur real 2 u then u can b the sane 2 the nxt person . But if u keep that bullshit fake habit then u has a human is trust worthy of urself. (Meaning u r not true 2 urself think about its reality 4 urseslf not something that is written up n the book only u can make urself better as a person) So 2 end this note be REAL N REALITY and leave the fake stuff 2 the imagination

morelove4us4 55M/59F  
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10/28/2005 6:50 pm

Well said;however, the fake stuff should not be left for the imagination,'cause it still stirs in the emotions of not knowing who you are as a person. If one does not know their fake stuff from the real meaning of living truly, then they will always recieve the fake stuff from others who breed fake meaning of life. B.S is always outside your door, and any form of mass media. Ah! the courtesy of always having artificial intelligence handed to us for a few dollars, example, for us as individuals to turn around and give a fake smile and then tell ourselves to tell them who we sported the smile to that it's geniune.
Take Care

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