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6/20/2006 12:20 am

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The wayward girl is comming home tomorrow, whew .
been in casino heaven its so easy to lose all track of time.
you may not know this but I used to live in vegas , the first airline I worked for was based in here.
those ass holes still owe me money ,
I guess I can give the name since they are banko ,
it is .

fucking crooked worthless burst ovarian cyst smells like open sewer line

National airlines

those dumbasses left me and a couple thousand passengers high and dry.
I had to change out of my uniform just to keep from getting my ass kicked leaving the airport.
If you cant tell im way drunk - again -
vegas has been one big drunken blur,
hey I got to meet penn and teller , I watched a show on hbo that they did saying rubbing butts together was cleaner than shaking hands .
so guess what I did lol
afer the introduction I turned around and we rubbed butts lol
shit I thought I was being all orignal but they said alot of people do that since it was broadcast.
oh and teller does talk , and has a nice voice also , by the way they were talking I think they do the swing thing also but dont advertise it .
I love the water display at the bellasio how pretty looks like fireworks but done with water who wooda thunk .
and the pirate ship , oh i so want to climb around on it .
so much to talk about , yes me and my g/f got a dirty also , we made some dudes night , it started out as a dare , she said the next good looking guy that comes around the corner we take back to our room .
he did ok at first but then went limpy on us. poor guy it was like the more excuses he made ( like "i drank too much " or " this never happens " ) the limper he got almost like the more mortified he was about limp willie just made him limper .
of course my g/f didnr help things out she was sayin things like " you better get hard again" just made it worse.
well my last night at the mgm and im on the computer ... duh

were going to tear up the town


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