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5/5/2006 12:39 am

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damn, damn damn.
My laptop turned up missing in north dakota "I think".
My damn stupid fault. I have a bad habit of leaving it ontop of my roller luggage.
May as well had a "take me" neon sign on it.
What a pain in he ass.

Ok a few have asked about how saturday went and want details.
I wont give all the details but I'm sure you can fill in the blanks.
these people I met at starbucks right after I moved here .
I did like them alot but figured I would run the circuit and see what is out there.
After what happened with stalker creepy guy I did get a little freaked. And decided to go with what felt right.
I met them at thier house , quite a nice place I must add.
I'm not sure if I should give thier AdultFriendFinder handel yet so I'll call them mr and mrs "X" .
The 3 of us ended up in the hot tub (what is it with me and hot tubs)
Mr X said he realy liked my boobs . now I found that funny because mrs X had the most perfect tits I'v ever seen and I said it.
He said if one set is good two sets pressed together would be better .
I have to add he has a quirky humor but it grows on you and I found myself laughing quite alot.
Mrs x moves across the hot tub puts her nipples against mine and says to mr x " hows that"
He says that we look like a work of art together and that it was working well for him .
Before I could answer mrs x was kissing me , deeply . the energy was overwelming , she knew how to kiss, omg
It semmed like she had a extra set of arms her hands were everwhere .
We moved into the bedroom , mrs X kept on kissing and carresing me . she stopped looked me right in the eyes , I could see her passion , she was ontop of she leaned forward kissed my chin then my neck between my boobs.
Oh I knew what was going to happen next and I wanted it so bad.
she moved across my belly giving little kisses as she went, her hair trailed over the areas she was just at , the sensation was so overwelming that It felt like my pussy was going to scream.
Now this woman is "stunning in all ways " not a godamn flaw . anywhere , the typ of woman you would automaticaly hate for nothing else than being better looking than you .
except this time she was all mine ,
She went down on me but like didn't just dive in , she let the tip of her tounge just touch my clit and moved it very in such small fast motions I would swear she hade a vibrater attached to it.
They became larger and larger motions fuck it was good .
I was so into it I didnt notice that mr x was fucking her . " I guess he couldn't handel it
Then she says "dear you have to try some of this" before I knew it they both were eating me out like taking turns wonderfull .
thats how it started we basicly fucked and sucked after that'
I usally find the start , the situaltion the hottest part of a story.
maybe I should teases you all by stopping here and finish on my next post
, I wasn't planning on getting so detailed but I got so hot reliving it.
So if enough of you want the rest of the details I'll do a part 2.


n0tatalker 39M

5/7/2006 4:25 am

h0ly shit thats mean... y0u actually engage my attention and get me... okay I'm whining. I v0te for part over at mt h0use!

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