free at last thank god i'm free at last  

summerbeginshere 36F
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6/28/2006 12:34 am

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free at last thank god i'm free at last

put my parents on a plane home , they liked the house, but dad thinks I'm crazy .
Got a bit of a ear full about moving up here.
I got the "your so far away" speech . and the " why do you have to be so unpredictable" oh can't forget the " why can't you hold onto a boyfriend"
Parents can make you feel so good. I guess 20 years in the airforce made my dad a bit of a hard ass. lol
Oh yeah I got the " we have a military tradition in this family" thing also .
wow , somehow joining the service during a unjustified war would be a smart thing to do .
I know that from the large amount of e-mails from military people that last comment may make some of mad but geeez I'm happy with my life the way it is, death would ruin everything.
Besides I love the military I just dont like your boss. lol


Climaximus06 53M

6/28/2006 8:50 pm


The parent visit thing can always be weird. I'd get the same business off & on...and also from an air force family, I'd get the same enlistment speech (particularly when I went to flight school...but I always wanted to fly, I never wanted to bomb anyone).

I envy you. You are young, intelligent, bought a house, travel , and have all kinds of fun .

Now that one is gone, and I'm caring for the other, the old lectures and hassles seem far away...and so un-necessary. Someday, they'll smile at you and ackwoledge that they're proud of you...and this visit will be long gone...

Have a great holiday !

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