are your tray tables in the full upright position ?  

summerbeginshere 36F
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4/2/2006 12:50 am
are your tray tables in the full upright position ?

I had no idea that this could be so much fun.
I met that couple at starbucks, they were very nice I didn't feel any pressure and found them both very enjoyable.
She has the perfect upward pointing breast. ( like jennifer aniston's) I had to try hard not to stare. and he was so exotic looking like cross between ponch off of chips and fez off of that 70's show but better looking.
After we chatted about this and that at the coffee house they invited me to their house to sit in a hot tub ( seems to be a good line because I'v gotten a few in e-mails).
I took a raincheck because I still have alot of unpacking to do and besides it was a first date.
They had no problem with that ( like I said , nice people)
If everyone I meet on here are like that I may become a addict.
I go back to work on monday, I'm not flying anywhere just paperwork and stuff mostly, getting signed up with the new union local and to meet my new inflight supervisor, whoo hoo
thats all for now .

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