suk_me69ca 49M
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5/23/2006 3:52 pm

I am so proud to be a Canadian. Let me clarrify why. I am a queer man(bisexual but prefer men) and I am glad to live in country that supports and protects my human rights. Everytime I check one of my favorite websites that posts stories dealing with GLBT issues form around the world, I read articles about governments and church groups in other countries trying to deny gay rights. Now I know that Canada isn't perfect, especially with our current Prime Minister, but I don't have some religous fanatic calling for my murder like what is going on in Iraq right now. I don't have right-wing religous groups like those in the US trying to boycott companies because they support gay rights or social groups and events. Like I said, I know we aren't perfect up here, but in my mind we are more understanding than most other countries in the world.

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