A Brief History  

suk_me69ca 49M
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5/1/2006 12:44 pm
A Brief History

I thought I would give a brief history of my sexual desires. I consider myself to be Queer, because I don't like the term bisexual and I am not completely gay. I had my first sexual contact in my early teens with a male cousin. I know sounds gross! LOL. It started as a game of "dares" and then became "dirty dares". In any case that was my first time sucking a cock. I did not actually lose my virginity till I was 20 (I had got as far as third base but never all the way with any of my girlfriends). Talk about a late bloomer! I didn't explore my gay side again till about 3 years ago when I broke up with my girlfriend at the time after 5 years together. I had been checking out the gay chat rooms over the last year or so that we were together but never cheated on her. But now that I was single I decided to explore my gay desires. I have only been with men since we broke up and I thought that I it was finally time to "come out of the closet". A few members of my family adn a few friends know that I am queer, but they think that I am only interested in men, and so did I. But now the old attractions to women are resurfacing and I truely believe that I am "bi" as much as I hate that term. I feel that now that I have "made up for lost time" with men, I am ready to enjoy time with both sexes.

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