Third Club Lick Party "thanks"  

suiteladyuk 50F
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6/19/2006 1:23 pm
Third Club Lick Party "thanks"

Well folks .... what can i say!???

Here's a little "thanks" to all those special people who came along and made our third party the best ever!!

Xlnt, Petite, Mirella, Diamonds, Creamy Blackslut ... without u ladies we all know that this party wouldnt have been the success it was ... U've all worked so hard but it paid off ... I know coz i saw how busy u all were!

BlackPleasure ....... its ALWAYS a pleasure ... loved spending time with u babes, ur a true gent, but so fuckin cheeky with it!!

Doc .... heard u were a knight in shinning armour on 2 seperate occassions .... the moral of the story "if u wanna decent fuck, see DOC" .....

Horse .... well well well .... now didnt u just looked ready for the snakcers yard when u left!! ..... glad to see that u were drained babes

Shabba ...... heard RAVE reviews about ur performance .... only wish id seen it!!!

BlackAmericanGuy ... welcome to our circle babes .. have a feeling we will see plenty of eachother

Carter ........ good to see u were on form again .... glad to see u makin the most of our parties

Tenzen ....... and who was out to impress last nite eh?? ....... .... great to see u there babes ... hope u enjoyed the nite?

Jiggsonfire ..... our very own Blackman of the Month!! ..... what more can we say?? ..... the guys got it all .... but i heard that u was a naughty boy and didnt fuck the next fem with ur cape and crown on ..... u know what happens to naughty boys Jiggs!! ..... lol

BlackRock determined to learn how u do that with ur chest!! ......... and when u do get ur piercing make sure u see me and we can clink steel 2gether!!

I just know that im bound to have missed people off this list but please dont take offence ....

From now on, these parties will be known as "T & H PROMOTIONS Presents The Blackman's Fanclub!"

Hopefully everyone got a card with our contact details, so drop us an email and we will put u on our data base .....

We really wanna thank EVERY1 who took time out to turn up at the party ..... we KNOW it was a sucess coz we've already received text messages tellin us so ...... but we cant do it without ur support!!

But above all i wanna thank Tony for being there, listening to me moan and making me moan too!!

Tony, "thanks babes" i just love ur ideas and the opportunities ur giving me to grow

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