Fun in the sun lol  

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2/16/2006 3:20 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Fun in the sun lol

Another week end was coming up and i was thinking it was coming and going with out anything exciting to happen again. Till one of my mates rang and said we were heading out for a ride on his bike in the country for the day.

Week end come and i was so excited to get to go out for the day on the bike . The feel of that bike vibrating between your legs added with the speed you are traveing is one very big turn on.Danger excites me. We headed out of town as early as we could to get a full days riding in.

Stopping at a very remote park out in the country for lunch. By the time we arrived there i was so wet and horny i was having trouble to control my excitment. My male friend noticed my blushed face and helped me off bike.

That was all it took his hands on my hips to lift me off the bike lol. While he had me in his arms i took my chances and started to kiss him passionatly on the lips. As he lowered me down to the ground he slid my body along his , to my surprise he also was very turned on. Once i relised he was as excited as i was nothing was going to stop me gettin full use of that hard on he was carrying. Kissing him harder i started to undo his clothing i want to see all of him naked and up against me. He returned the faviour and before we new it we were standing next to bike totally naked and both in a complete state of excitment to explore each others body. I started to bend down to take his massive hard on in my mouth i want to taste all his pre cum on my lips. Using my hands to excite his balls while my mouth worked his cock to his first orgasim. Once he had blown in my mouth and i swallowed his sweet tasting cum all up he picked me up placed my bare ass on his bike seat and used his tounge on my hard clit. Licking it hard and slipping fingers into my very wet excited pussy while i wraped my legs around his head to give him a easyer access to my pussy. My moans echoed threw the silent bush as he brought me closer to my fist climax. As i was about to cum he started to insert more fingers into my pussy to streach it to his liking. Each finger entering made me buck and moan for more. He nibble on my clit bring me to cuming all over his face, He stood up and kissed me passionatly so i could enjoy the taste of me on him.
We had both had our own climaxes and now we were ready to start a very long and hot session of fucking each other. He lifted me down from bike and turned me around so i could stick my sexy bare ass at him while he leant me over bike.
Placing his hard cock against my wet cum dripping pussy he teasted me by rubing it around my lips till i pushed my ass back against his body so he would slam it into me. He eagerly accomadated my wishes and started to fuck me like there was no tomorrow. Hard fast and with all the passion of a man in need of a great fuck. Fingering my ass as he was jaming his hard cock deeper and deeper into my pussy making me cum over and over again on his hard cock. I wanted as much as he could give me so he started to place as many fingers as he could in my ass till i couldnt stand anymore i wanted that cock in my ass as soon as possible. Sliding it out of my pussy he entered my tight ass making himself moan with excitment he new he was about to cum and i was happy to have him fill my ass with his hot cum . Making me cum at same time as he was . Once we had finished our play time we both went to the near by creek to freshen up for trip back to next town . Once in the town the excitment of being back on bike and what our lunch break was all about we booked a motel and spent the rest of the week end there fucking and suckin and licking each other all week end. Bringing each other to total pleasure each time.
Now when he asks me to go for a ride with him i pre book motel in advance as knowing that the week end is going to be filled with mind blowing sex . lol Cant wait to taste his sexy hot cum sliding down the back of my mouth and watching his face light up with joy.

Bikes are dangerous but isnt that what makes a girl horny . Dangerous pleasure with a little pain
Ciao ciao for now!!!!!!!

rm_art_persists 51M
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2/16/2006 5:47 pm

Whatever it takes

raunchfactor69 49M

2/17/2006 6:53 am

HHHmmmm....Well, Episode 2 is full of action, packed adventure for all to enjoy.....Amazing where fingers can end up!!!

Very Hot Sugar....I'm sure there are many more exciting stories too come....Sweet Dreams Babe

Stay tuned Fans.....Episode 3 will be a scorcher!!!

handgun1328 56M

2/18/2006 3:44 am

Sugar sweet,
You should consider a name change to dream weaver, as I now have a dream to cherish. You are so erotic, I just wish I could find a woman with even half you attributes to come for a ride on my bike. I know just the place for a bushland escapade, waterfall and all.............the only thing missing is you.

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