Recent Hunt - Namibia  

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12/28/2005 11:12 pm

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Recent Hunt - Namibia

As a firearm lover, it is almost natural to hunt. The rush is not in killing an animal, that is almost allways a sad part. The rush is in the walking, out manouvering, tracking and waiting for the right shot.

The nicest thing however is getting away from city life, being outdoors, living with nature, sleeping under the stars and going back to the basics....and enjoying beautiful sunsets....Regrettably communication with the outside world is a necesity.

This pic shows the only way we could get cell phone reception where we were in the bush. The closest town was about 200km's away.

We live in the bush for a week at a time. Hunt for two or three days and then prepare the meat ourselves. From skinning and gutting right down to mincing the meat making our own "droe wors" and biltong (jerky).

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