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12/28/2005 11:27 pm

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Just another day

Went out last night to Ferrymans at the V&A to meet some biking affecionados....had an absolute blast.....For those in other countries, the V&A Waterfront is u huge shopping complex built right on the Cape Town harbour....a real tourist dive....Ferrymans is on of the local pubs/restaurants there...get frequented by bikers daily...
We were graced by Charley Cooper one of our great writing legends in the biking community...

Here follows one of his (true) stories.

Please remember this is South Africa we are talkin about, and black bikers are a rarity on our streets so much more rare when they are woman.

Well Charley says he was on his way to work on his Triumph when the traffic near his work came to a dead halt. Well being on a scoot made it easy to get to the front of the line, which he did. Now acros the road from his office is a BMW motorcycle franchise. And this is where all the "fun" was being had, holding up the trafic.

The local law enforcement had just bought six new BMW GS1150 m/cycles for their fleet. All do be ridden by woman. BIG black woman at that. Now that is not where the problem lay. Imagine this :

Six new GS1150 bikes mounted to overflowing proportion with six huge woman. The first one pulls away, and obviously can not ride a bike. She stalls the bike, forgets to put her feet on the ground and just keels over....Three of the other woman try to but both feet on the pegs before pulling away and hits the deck....Four down two to go....

Charley did not stay long enough to see what the other two had done, he had seen enough, but not before the bikes had to be lifted up at the back, with the rider on so the bikes could face in the right direction for these erm....traffice wardens to fall of into the sunrise....

Only in Africa....

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