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4/17/2006 7:12 am

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truck drivin' man

i was taking a weekend trip with one of my bfs at the time, and it wasn't going well. we'd been fighting a lot, i don't even remember what about, and finally we pulled into a rest stop and i said that's it, i'm getting out. i took my bag out of the trunk, slammed it, and yelled take off u bastard! through his window. he called me a bitch or something and drove off. Oooo was i pissed.

i didn't have a cell phone, and the public phone in the building was broken. well, i thought, maybe i can hitch a ride someplace. i needed to get away from vegas for awhile anyway.

i looked around and saw a pretty good looking truck driver walking around his rig doing an inspection. he was really tall, maybe 45, and he looked nice. i walked over to him.

excuse me, mister, i said. can u tell me where you're going? i was wearing a short skirt, high-heeled sandals, and a buttoned shirt that was tied in a knot under my breasts; he looked me over, then said east to texas, mississippi, and florida. can i hitch a ride for awhile? i asked, and he smiled. sure thing, he replied. he opened the door for me, helped me up, and passed my bag on up to me. he finished the inspection, and then got in the driver's side. he put it in gear and away we went.

we exchanged small talk for awhile, and i gradually moved closer to him on the seat becuase it was pretty loud inside and it was hard to hear the conversation. he was looking me over quite a bit, and it was giving me a little thrill. later that afternoon, i decided to raise the stakes.

i'm really grateful for u giving me a ride, i said. if there's anything i can do for u, u just let me know. he smiled, and glanced down at my breasts again. do u like 'em? i said. what? he replied, looking startled. my breasts, i said, lifting them with both my hands and giving them a little shake. do u like the way they look? he looked embarrassed, but he said yes, they were the biggest, best looking pair he had ever seen. how about i give u a better look, i said.

i untied the knot in my shirt, slowly undid all the buttons, and took it right off. the bra i had on could barely contain my babies. he was staring at them now, so i said better watch the road a little! he turned to look at the road, and i unhooked the front clasp and set the twins free. there, i said, there, is that better? he turned to look at me again, and said omg, they're beautiful. even more beautiful than i guessed.

i started massaging them, starting with my hands underneathe, and then sliding them up and over, stopping to twirl the nipples in my fingers. up and down, up and down. that is so much better, i said. i hate bras... they're so confining. i like to have my breasts out in the open air. i was really starting to get hot now.

another place i hate to be confined, i said, is down here, pointing at my crotch. i lifted my skirt slowing, while he watched with one eye. when it got high enough that he could see i didn't have any panties on, he said god damn, girl, and shook his head.

now i went back to massaging a breast with one hand, and with the other i starting exploring my lips and clit. i hate wearing panties, too, i explained. i like feeling the breeze on my clit and lips. plus, it's really handy for, you know, kind of spur-of-the-moment sex. he laughed a little nervously.

i looked at him, and he was sweating! plus, there was an enormous bulge in his pants... it actually looked painful! honey, i said... it looks like i'm not the only one that's feeling confined. let me help you with that. i reached over and started to unfasten his pants. jesus christ, he said, you're unbelievable! but he didn't complain as i unzipped him and hauled his pants down a few inches to set his cock free. it was a nice length, and pretty thick, and really hard and erect.

without hesitating, i lunged for it and took it deep in my mouth right away. he gasped, and the cab swerved... he cursed, but got control of it again. after i deep throated him, which wasn't easy due to both his length and thickness, i started pumping him hard, sucking and using my teeth through my lips to really put the squeeze on him. he was crying out over and over now, and i knew he was going to cum. i picked up the pace and my grip, and when i felt him gathering to cum i just rammed my face down on him hard, and took him deeper than he had been before. he exploded down my throat, and i felt the hot cum rushing down. omg, he said, jesus fucking christ! between gasps of air. then, after he had recovered, where did u learn to do that? never mind, hell, i don't want to know!

sitting up now, i spat whatever cum was still in my mouth onto one palm, and began to massage it into my breasts. mmm, i said... i love wearing a man's cum on my nipples...

after a few minutes i noticed he was still hard, so i leaned over and started in again. holy shit! he said... after i had got him so hard i could have changed a tire with his jack, i said honey, is there any way you could pull over for awhile? i'd really like to have you inside me, and i don't trust you to drive while i sit on your lap! he said right away, and pulled into a truck stop. we had barely cum to a stop when he started yanking down the shades. he climbed over the seat, and helped me follow. i helped him get his jeans off, and while i was squating beside him i gave a quick suck on his cock.

i slid off my skirt as he as taking off his shirt. i stepped onto the bunk ladder, and swung around to face him. grabbing some handles on the roof, i pulled myself up and wrapped my legs around his middle, then my arms around his head. his hands were under my butt, helping to support me. my breasts were pressed against his chest.

i let myself sag down a little, and i could feel the head of his cock pressing against me. with one hand i helped steer it into place, and then i lowered myself down his shaft, feeling it penetrate so deep within me.

he had been almost stunned up to that point, but now he swung into action. he turned, and pressed my back against the side of the cab, and started thrusting in and out, in and out. it was feeling so good... i could feel my juices being forced out of me, and running down his cock.

i was so hot from playing with myself and from sucking him off that i was ready to cum myself. as the tension grew, i gripped him tighter and tigher, and i said harder, harder! in his ear. soon i came in a crashing crescendo, crying out with pleasure. after i relaxed some, he slowed down... don't stop, i said, i'm ready to cum again! a couple more big thrusts from him, and i was over the top again. by then the excitement of my incredible climax was too much for him, and he started to cum again, too. i think we stayed in that position until he came a third time, and i came god knows how many times inbetween. then we lay down together on the bed. that was incredible, i whispered. i want to ride with u a long, long way.

a few minutes later we realized someone was knocking on the door. hey j. w., a man's voice said, we know that's your truck. now who you got in there with you? everyone in the parking lot could hear the two of you goin' at it. you pick up some old trucker's moma to clean yer bone?

j. w. (well, at least i knew his initials now) was about to say something, but i stopped him. i reached into my bag, and pulled out a sheer cover up, and put it on. i looked out the window, and there were about a half-dozen guys standing around, all grinning and chuckling. i stuck my head out the window and said j. w.'s busy giving me the fuck of my life, if y'all don't mind. they were all shocked. then i opened the door, and stepped out nearly naked in my sheer cover up, trying to support my breasts with my arms, which made their size obvious to everyone there. i said, and who are you callin' an old trucker's moma? (i might have been 21 at the time.) they're jaws dropped as they looked me up and down, and then they all burst out laughing. hoo-eee, one of them said. you sure are fine! where u going after j. w's done? they all laughed, still looking me up and down. when j. w. finishes for the 5th time, i said, it'll be time to start all over again. they all laughed again, and said things like good luck j. w., hope u took ur heart medication, can i be your beneficiary?, etc. but they were also shaking their heads, impressed as hell. the crowd broke up and i went back to j. w., who was still lying on the bed. you serious bout a fifth time? he asked... ready when u are, i replied with a smile.

rm_friscies 56M/60F
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4/18/2006 5:14 pm

I saw your comment about still being friends with exes...fucking funny! Had to check out your blog. You got a great writing style..raw and very Aquarian. You go girl!

jd29992z 54M
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4/20/2006 11:24 am

That was a grat story I loved it. I like writing myself it had adventure, spontaneity and pure fun!!! Keep it up let me know when you write another stroy like that be happy to read it. Jim

piercedin5places 52M
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6/20/2006 10:11 am

I have been a truck driver almost as long as I have been a fan of BIG BOOBS and a story like that is one I wish was mine to tell. A great story.

NNA2845 46M  
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6/27/2006 8:52 pm

Too bad I wasn't driving that truck, makes me want to change professions

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