my fav fantasy... but it's a true story, too  

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my fav fantasy... but it's a true story, too

after about an hour of foreplay i can't stand it any longer, and beg him to take me. he teases me with the head of his enormous cock... not penetrating yet, just spreading my swollen, dripping lips a little and then retreating... finally i dig my nails into his ass, and shout "quit fucking around!" Slowly he begins to fill me... by the way my lips are forced apart, i can feel how thick and hard he is! as he continues to slide inside, i wonder if it will ever end and if i'll be able to take it all. now the head is pressed hard against me; and still he's pushing in! suddenly i let out a scream; the feelings are just so intense! he stops pushing, and looks into my eyes, questioning... so i say, "don't u dare stop, i want it all!" reassured, he returns to the thrust! by now he is pushing so hard that i am sliding right up the bed, and have to hold myself away from the headboard with both arms... the stretch is so intense now, the nerves in my pussy are just screaming with pleasure! finally i feel his balls tickling my ass... and i know it's all the way in! he's holding the pressure, and the waves of ecstasy are washing over me; involuntarily i try to pull him further in with my legs and by lifting my pelvis against him, as the deep rumblings of a seismic orgasm begin to form. i'm shuddering wildly, and he says "not so fast, sugar!" and backs way off. as the stretch in my pussy relaxes, so do the sensations... i gasp for air as he slides all the way out. "what the fuck are you doing!" i yell at him. "i was about to have a fantastic climax" "there'll be plenty of time for that, " he replies. "damn you!" i say. now he is teasing me with the head of his cock again... sliding it over my clit, then poking it briefly inside my lips... in and out. "damnit, what are you waiting for!" i say. finally he heeds my call and begins another deep plunge. this time, instead of being afraid, i'm relishing every second and anticipating the stretch with joy! OMG, here it cummes! this time, there is no stopping the runaway train that is my climax. like an express entering a tunnel, it sucks me into the darkness with a roar and a clatter. through it all he is holding the intense pressure, steadily stretching me out. a few seconds later i realize i'm screaming in his ear, and try to stop, but i can't! as the aftershocks are rattling through me, he again withdraws just enough to release the intensity. "OMG", i say, "that was incredible. did u cum too?" he laughs, and says "sugar, when i cum, you'll know it. we're just getting started here." (to be continued!!!)

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Thats hott email me k and we can talk.

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