a work story - when i was younger  

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a work story - when i was younger

This happened to me when i was a lot younger.

i got a job working in a warehouse. one day my boss asked me if i could come in on saturday to finish up some paperwork. he told me i'd be the only one there, so i wore what i usually wore on saturdays... a tight, really short skirt, heels, and a tight, low-cut top.

when i got in, i was surprised to see he was there. i was a little embarrassed about my clothes, but then the way he looked me up and down made me glad i'd dressed that way. i'd hardly sat down before he offered to get me some coffee... and brought me great big mug. i'd barely finished that when he brought me another. well, before long i had to pee, so i went out into the warehouse to the bathroom.

while i was sitting down on the toilet i heard a noise nearby... like a door quietly closing. i didn't think too much of it. then i started to pee. peeing is a really erotic experience for me. it feels so good coming out... i like to rub my clit or my nipples while i'm doing it. well, i started to moan a little, and then i heard another noise... like someone bumping into something in the room next door. i didn't show i'd heard, but just kept pleasuring myself, thinking about my boss... he was a tall, athletic, pretty good looking guy, and i couldn't get my mind off the way he had looked me up and down when i came in. thinking about him and the rubbing i was doing was making my nipples very erect. i quit without making myself cum and headed back to the office up front.

my boss wasn't there, but a minute or two later he came in from the warehouse. his face was a little flushed, but more importantly there was a big bulge in his pants... i blushed, but then i started to wonder what size cock that bulge would translate into. i realized i was staring at his crotch, and looked up... but he hadn't
noticed because he was staring at my breasts! i looked down quickly and saw that my erect nipples were clearly visible; plus, when i'm aroused my breasts actually swell quite a bit, and so now my top was even more confining than it had been earlier! i looked up again, and this time our eyes met. his were on fire, and i thought for a moment he was going to take me in his arms and kiss me passionately, which sent a giant shiver though my entire body; but instead he broke away awkwardly and started pacing back and forth, glancing at me a few times.

after a minute he said he had to go out, and would be back shortly. well, i thought, at least it would give my nipples a chance to calm down! but i kept thinking about that bulge in his pants, and what his cock would feel like thrusting deep inside me... and my nipples and breasts actually got bigger! then i wondered, why did he get hard so fast? what was he doing out in the warehouse when i was in the bathroom? was he maybe peeping at me? i grabbed his office keys from his desk and headed out into the warehouse.

there was a locked door next to the women's bathroom, and i found a key that opened it. inside there were some shelves and stuff, but along the wall shared with the women's bathroom there were just thick pads on the floor. i turned off the light, and i could see light coming through a bunch of small holes low down in the wall... looking through them, i could see into every stall in the bathroom! no wonder the stalls didn't have doors on them! so, that was what he was up to! i was a little shocked at having my privacy violated like that, but then i remembered how i had been rubbing my clit and my nipples as i was peeing, and how he must have been watching... and it made me really hot. no wonder he got hard! i decided to teach him a lesson.

i locked the door, and put his keys back on his desk. when he came back a little while later, i finished off my coffee and said "i'll be right back, this coffee is just going right through me today." i pretended to check my makeup in the mirror for a few minutes until i heard the door click; then i went into one of the stalls. i unzipped my skirt, and took it all the way off; then my panties. i hung them on the hook, and sat down with my knees spread wide apart.

my clit and lips were hugely engrossed now, and dripping wet. i was wondering, what can i do to really put this guy over the edge? how can i drive him insane with passion? well, he must have some kind of bathroom fetish... then i had an idea. i leaned back on the seat, and put my heels up against the stall posts... with my pussy pointing right at him, i started to stroke my clit and spread my lips. then i started to pee, and i cupped my hand between my legs to catch it, and then pulled it up so it ran all through my thatch and over my lips and clit! the hot, golden fluid felt great. i swear i heard a gasp from the storage room, so i knew i was getting to him! was it time to make my move? i guess so!

i jumped up off the seat, without even taking the time to dry myself off, and i ran out of the bathroom wearing just my top and heels, threw open the storage room door, and flipped on the light. there he was, kneeling on the floor by the peepholes, his erect cock held in both hands. wow, it was huge; and his buns were really nice and tight, too.

he was completely taken aback, and tried to jump to his feet, but because his pants were around his knees he lost his balance and fell over away from me. he landed on more padding, so there was no problem.

what were you looking at, i said in my best tough-girl tone. do u like watching girls pee? do u want a closer look? at this i sprang forward, and pushed him down on his back again. i sat right on his stomach, and leaned forward and kissed him violently. i was so hot by now... my clit was burning and i wanted to feel his tongue on it and my swollen lips. i slid forward, and held myself over his mouth... i want you to lick me clean, i said. i lowered myself right onto his face, and his tongue eagerly began licking and probing my lips. OMG, was that good!

after about 10 minutes of that, i started to think about that magnificent cock behind me... so i got up and turned over, and set my crotch back down on his eager mouth, and leaned forward so i could take his monster in my mouth. it was a fine specimen... at least 10" and really thick. i started licking, and sucking, and taking as much of it into my mouth as i could... he was groaning and writhing under me, and sucking on my clit like a crazy man! as good as that was feeling, my pussy was crying out for his throbbing cock, so i decided to give the kitty what she wanted!

i turned around so i was facing him again, and squated over him... i took his cock in my hand and started to slide the head back and forth across my lips and clit; he reached up and massaged my nipples with his hands... my breasts were so swollen now that i could barely stay upright! he started lifting his ass off the floor, trying to penetrate me... "damn it" he said, "take me inside!" so, i settled over his cock and started to lower myself down that steaming shaft! omg, it was such a long way down! would i ever reach the end? by the time my buns were resting on his pelvis the stretch was so intense i had to lean foward to relieve it; he started massaging both my nipples, and as i leaned back again and felt the stretch, the first of many orgasms rocked through me.

i must have stayed on top of him for hours, until he had cum so many times that he was just dying.

it turned out to be a fruitful day. i got a big raise, and we saw each other for very hot sex for a long time after that.

it turned out he did have a big bathroom fetish... i would go over to his place, and he would sit in his empty jacuzzi and i would squat over him and pee all over his cock. then he would fuck me like a crazy man for hours! it was great.

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