My First Time, Part 2  

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7/29/2006 12:57 pm

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My First Time, Part 2

Continued from "My First Time" below.

[The pic to the left is not me, but that's pretty much what i looked like when i lost my virginity... later i filled out a lot more]

when i got to the bathroom, i couldn't believe how much my body had been affected. my breasts felt much heavier, but also fuller, rounder, and more protruding. my nipples were puffy and swollen. down in my crotch, my lips were still huge, and my clit was still half erect. it wasn't as hard as it had been last night, but it was close!

i took a quick bath, and i couldn't stop thinking about my experiences the night before. the tongue and lips on my nipples... the powerful arms wrapped around me... the rock hard cock plunging deep inside me. i couldn't wait to see him again tonight!

when i started to get dressed, i found that (surprise surprise) my bras didn't fit anymore. the cups were just too small... the effect was kind of funny, since the 'excess' was all forced up and out, which made my cleavage even more dramatic than it would have been. i went to the kitchen to show my mom... she laughed, and said let's go shopping before i have to go to work, okay?

at the store, we picked out a half dozen bras that were even a little generous... you'll grow into them real soon, she said. then she picked out a black lace bra and matching panties, and said i think u'll look really good in these, and gave me a wink. when she dropped me off back at the apartment, she said why don't you get some sleep, you'll probably need it tonight! i was feeling more and more excited, but i was also so worn out from last night that i slept for several hours.

i got up, took a quick shower, and then put on the lacy black bra and panties. the only robes i had were dorky kid's robes, so i grabbed one of my mom's sheer cover ups. just then the doorbell rang.

i checked the peephole, and it was him! a shiver went through my body as i opened the door. hi, i said, please come in. he put his arms around me, and gave me a long, soft kiss. i've been thinking about you all day, he whispered. i had such a good time last night. me too, i said. i've just been wanting you so much.

things okay with your mom? he asked. i nodded. when she invited me to come back and spend some more time with you, i thought she was just amazing. she told me that the night after her first time was really bad because her lover from the night before was no where to be found, and she was ready to screw anything that moved... and she didn't want that to happen to you.

he sat down in a chair, and i sat on his lap. enough about that, he said. you look incredible. yesterday was your first time, and today you look a woman of the world. thanks, i replied. now can we make love? he smiled and gave me a big kiss...

then he opened my cover up and pushed it back off my shoulders. Wow, your breasts are just incredible, he said. and this bra is really hot! but i think they'll look even better with nothing between them and my mouth...

he unfastened the clasp in front, and gently took them out. then he helped me slide the bra off my shoulders.

i was sitting facing him, with my legs straddling his thighs. he leaned forward, and began kissing my right nipple; just like last night, it was like i got an electric shock! i gasped, and waves of feeling began coursing thru me. i felt my body respond... the nipples swelling, the fullness of the breasts... and in my crotch, the tingling and fullness of my lips and clit. i started to moan and breathe deeply as he licked, kissed, and sucked on both my nipples.

the tension was building inside me, and i really wanted him to touch my clit. please finger me, i whispered in his ear. the connecting fabric in the panties was really thin and stretchy, so he just moved it to the side and began massaging my lips and clit. i gasped again, and fell forward, losing my balance; he got a big face full of my tit! he started rubbing my clit hard from side to side, and that was all i needed; i'm cumming; i'm cumming! i'm cumming!!!

my hands were behind his head, and i buried his face in my breast to help stabilize myself as the contractions wracked my body. he was sucking hard on my nipple, and just at the height of my orgasm the breast cut loose with a big squirt of milk, which startled both of us... but the feeling of the milk releasing just raised the intensity level another notch and i had to cry out.

when the feelings started to subside, i whispered take the other one, and offered him my other nipple; he immediately began to suck hard on it and in a few seconds a explosion of milk was released from it, too, which just put me right over the edge again. this time the contractions lasted a long, long time.

rather than satiating me, however, all the ecstasy was making me more demanding! when the contractions had faded enough for me to be able to control my body, i leaned forward and said will you lick me now? he nodded and i climbed up with my knees on the arms of the chair... he slid down a little and i lowered my muff right down on his face...

i almost screamed again as his tongue ran up one side of my clit and down the other... i put my hands on his head, and forced his face deep into my folds of flesh... he slid a finger into my pussy, then two, and then three... that was all i needed to be launched into incredible ecstasy again... i think i almost smothered him by leaning right into his face!

when the feelings passed, i got down off the chair and said, lover, i've been neglecting you. i loosened his pants and pulled them off; he wasn't wearing any underwear and his cock was huge and very hard.

he was still sitting on the chair, and i kneeled between his legs and went to work on his cock. i licked it, and kissed it, but i really got the best response from him when i took in deep into my mouth, sucking and squeezing hard at the same time.

before long he was crying out, and working my head up and down with his powerful hands. a few more quick thrusts, and he started to cum... his hands forced my head down his shaft, and he lifted his butt right up out of the chair as his body convulsed. he let out a huge groan as he pumped my mouth full of his cum...

i was just in ecstasy... just like the night before, i felt like such a woman. here i was, making this man writh and convulse with passion... i felt so grown up, and i really liked this new kind of adult play!

now i remembered something i had seen my mom do. i spit his cum into my hands... there was a ton of it... and spread it all over my breasts. the hot, slimy cum felt really good, especially on my nipples, and i started to massage it in. jesus christ, he exclaimed, for someone who was a virgin last night you sure are a quick learner! he pulled me onto his lap again, and started licking and sucking my nipples...

i started to writh again, and then i pulled my nipple out of his mouth, and held his face in both hands. i want to thank you, i said. this is the best night of my life, even better than last night. i'm glad, he replied. i'm having a great time, too. what's next?

can we have intercourse now?, i whispered. intercourse? he laughed. why don't you just say would you fuck me now? it's really hot! so i tried to look as sexy as i could, and i said i want you to FUCK me now! jesus christ, he exclaimed, that really works!

the chair had big overstuffed arms, and i stradled them with my legs. i moved in very close to him, and lowered myself gently down until i felt the head of his cock pressing against me. i reached under and guided it home... then lowered myself slowly down his shaft.

i was very sore from the night before, but it still felt incrdible. before i got all the way down, the head of his cock reached the back of my pussy and started stretching it like crazy. OMG, the feelings were so intense, i had to back off a little and catch my breath. i tried again, and this time i was able to take a little more in and take the stretch a little longer.

already i was starting to cum, and i looked down at him... he was just smiling at me. you're making me crazy, i said. he laughed... just wait, he said.

the next time i lowered my self down, i started to cum really hard! just like last night, i was overcum with the desire to take him in as deeply as i could, so i continued dropping down even though the stretch was incredible. i think i screamed, because he put his hand over my mouth... i was in so much ecstasy that i couldn't tell! my body was convulsing so hard i couldn't move up and down anymore, and he started thrusting up and lifting me in strong, powerful strokes.

then i felt his mouth on one of my nipples, and one of his hands on my clit, OMG, OMG, OMG... the milk came surging out again, and the orgasm reached a creshendo i hadn't felt before... and i passed out.

when i came to, i was leaning forward and had my head on his shoulder; his arms were behind my back, supporting me. i'm sorry, he said, i guess that was too much!

no, it wasn't enough, i said. take me back there! i seemed to have better control now, and i was able to make myself rise up and down until i started to cum, but then he had to take over again. again his lips were on my nipples, and his hand on my clit... and as i started another incredible orgasm, he came too and made it even more incredible.

afterwards, i continued to sit on his cock as we laughed and kissed and i giggled a lot. his cock was still really hard, so i said is it always hard? he laughed, and said no... but that i had a lot to do with it being so hard! i giggled again and kissed him.

just then the door opened and my mom came in. we were both so high from sex that we didn't mind; and it hardly seemed to phase her at all that her daughter was sitting on the cock of a man who had been one of her bfs until today! she smiled at both of us and said i'll just get out of your way, and she disappeared down the hall to her bedroom. we both laughed, and he said maybe we should move to your bedroom, but i said no, i'm enjoying this position way too much to move!

i might have a solution, he said. he slid forward on the chair, right to the edge; put your legs around my back, he said. with his hands under my butt and mine around his neck, he stood up with his cock still inside me! OMG, that is so hot, i said. i forgive u for moving!

he carried me down the hall, and into my bedroom. he laid me on my back on the bed, and lay right on top of me. Before, you were fucking me, he said. Now i'm going to fuck you! without ever leaving my pussy he began positioning my legs to get the maximum leverage...

cableguy005 47M
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7/30/2006 12:30 pm

Forget the cheesy song, Brenda's Mom's got it going on!

spanky120 52M

8/5/2006 6:08 am

I would like to add: Good Googley-Moogley!!! I came 2wice while reading your story... even made my own JO vid while reading this story... wanna see it?

bonzerusa 49M  
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8/5/2006 5:05 pm

Your blogs are absolutely AWESOME! I can also see by your smile that there is a lot more inside of you than just that outside AWESOME BEAUTY. I'd love to spoil you while finding out what is beyond your breathtaking shell. It is getting closer to Vegas becoming Viper I get to meat/meet you? In any case you blow the class level of women on this site as if they don't exist!
Warmest regards,

menopausemember 51F
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8/14/2006 8:57 am

that is some story...
I just don't see me being with anyone my ma was
or do I see my daughter being with anyone I was with,
but to each their own...
now my best friend and I are another story....

house44444 44M

8/28/2006 3:14 pm

damm that made a mess all over the couch!!!!

Eddie5011 42M

10/2/2006 12:15 am

Nice story, very intense. Thanks for dropping by my blog BTW

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10/2/2006 1:03 am you want ML with me

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