I become a traveling sex toy  

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7/22/2006 1:23 pm

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I become a traveling sex toy

one night one of the club regulars asked me if i was interested in going with him on a trip to hawaii. he offered to cover all my expenses, plus make up the salary and tips i'd be making at the club. he told me he'd already cleared it with the club manager... so what did i say?

well, i said, i'd love to... but there's a problem. see, i need a lot of sex... maybe 3 or 4 times a day of really solid fucking. are you up for that? i'd wouldn't feel good about cheating on you while we were traveling together!

well, he said, i'm going with 3 other guys... it's a golf trip... would u like to do all of us? omg, did i want to do that!

john was a nice guy... plus tall, fit, and handsome. are the other guys as good looking as you? i teased. of course not, he laughed, but they're not bad... so i agreed.

i met them at a bar in the airport wearing a very short skirt, a tight, low-cut top, and high heels. there were all pretty good looking, not that i care that much... it's what's down there that counts! during introductions their jaws were pretty much on the floor and their eyes were pretty much on my breasts. as i shook each one's hand and gave him a kiss on the cheek, i whispered something in his ear, like "i hope you like big breasts" or "i can't wait to feel you inside me." well, they all broke out into a sweat, it was fantastic. i was really having fun.

after i sat down and they ordered me a drink, i asked how long the flight was. Wow, over 5 hours? that's a long time... much longer than i like to go without having sex. their eyes bulged! i'm hoping at least one of you will join me in the mile high club on the flight. they glanced at each other, and said sure!

on the plane i was sitting next to john, and after the we leveled off i said i'm cold, and i got a blanket out of the overhead bin. i spread it over both of us, and he gave me a curious look.

i leaned over, and whispered in his ear are you ready? as i said it i slid my hand down his stomach and into his pants... what i found there told me he was ready alright! he looked very startled, but very aroused.

want to know how ready i am, i asked? i found his hand under the blanket, and led it to my inner thigh... and right up my miniskirt to my bare muff. i stroked his hand up and down a few times, enough to get his fingers covered with my juices, which were all over me. he looked like he was ready to mount me right there in 1st class!

i told him i would go to the restroom at the back of the plane on the right... a little less obvious there. wait a few minutes and follow me back... cough outside and i'll let you in.

when he slid in the door, i was already naked. i gave him a deep, juicy kiss, and put his hands on my breasts. i let out a gasp as he stroked both nipples.

quickly i helped him undo his belt and pants and get out of them. he helped me get up on the edge of the sink, and i spread my legs wide around him and braced my feet against the wall on the other side. with one hand i helped steer his throbing cock to the opening between my lips.

Just then the plane lurched a little, and he was thrown against me; at the same time his cock went deep inside me, and i let out a little shriek of surprise and pleasure. it was a good size, and went very deep.

we both laughed a little at the surprise, but then raw passion took over and he began thrusting very deep and fast. omg, did that feel good. even better than usual, something about the noise and vibration and bumping of the plane, plus the danger element of knowing there were a hundred people sitting just outside!

the tension built quickly inside me, and before long i was having an incredibly strong, violent orgasm. i had to work hard not to scream! when my contractions started, he started to cum and just about rammed me thru the mirror, he was penetrating so hard! he ended up lifting me right up off the sink, and squeezing me in so tight with his hands on my backside. in that postion his thrusting finally died out. omg, i said, it's going to be a great trip!

quickly he got dressed, and slipped out the door. i barely had time to collect myself before the next one of my traveling companions, bob, discreetly slid in the door.

my head was still spinning from the fucking john had given me, and i think i slurred my speech a little. i hope u don't mind sloppy seconds, i said. about that, he said... he looked very excited, but embarrassed... i've always wanted to eat out a sexy woman like you who's just been fucked by another guy. what do u think? that would be divine, i managed to say.

he helped me back up on the sink, and got down on the floor between my legs. do u swallow, i joked... he laughed, then looked at my crotch, and said jesus christ! what is it, i asked, thinking something might be wrong... nothing, he said, looking embarrased again... it's just that your clit is the biggest and most beautiful one i've ever seen. (it is pretty big... about like a thumb, and sticks out about an inch when i'm really aroused...)

before i could answer he dove right in, and his tongue and lips were all over it, licking, stroking, and sucking. a surge of feeling went through me, and i would have fallen off the sink if my legs hadn't been across his shoulders.

since i was still so high from john's fucking, it didn't take long before the contractions started again. my thighs tightened around his head, and both my hands were in his hair, pulling him in.

sensing me cumming, he sucked my whole clit into his mouth hard, and didn't let go! i came really hard, and because he kept the sucking up continuously, i didn't stop for almost a minute.

when he finally came up off my twat the lower half of his face was covered with john's cum and my juice. i laughed, between gasps, and said for god's sake, clean up your face before u go back outside! he looked in the mirror and laughed.

he grabbed a towel, but before he could use it i pulled him close and gave him a big kiss, and sucked some of the juice off his lips. it tasted really good. i could see he was just in ecstasy, like me... thank you, i said, that was wonderful... he toweled off, gave me a big smile, and slipped out the door.

steve came in next. omg, he said, you're incredible, and your tits are unbelievable! would u like to titty-fuck them, i asked? omg yes, he exclaimed. i helped him drop his pants while he stroked my nipples, keeping me at a high level of excitement. his cock was a good size, and very hard.

i reached between my legs, and spread my lips with one hand while i caught some fluid with the other... a mixture of john's cum, bob's spit, and my own juice. i spread it on my breasts, especially between them. i sat down on the seat, and said let me lubricate u some... i started with some playful licking and sucking, then i plunged all the way down and made sure i left a lot of saliva all over his shaft.

okay, okay he said, let me fuck those titties. i spread my legs, so he could stand right up against the seat, and he brought his cock right up against my chest. with my hands i wrapped my breasts around it. he was panting really load now, and i thought he might blow his load without even moving, but soon he started stroking up and down a few inches by rotating his pelvis. with my nipples pressed against his abdomen as it slid up and down, i was feeling awfully excited again. harder, baby, harder i said. his hands were under my arms, pulling me tight against him. then he let out a big groan and his cum splatted between my tits and right up to my neck... he was holding me so tight that it got to be too much for me and i started to cum myself. don't stop! i said. stroke me! stroke me! after what seemed like a very long time he finally stopped thrusting, and my spasms of pleasure subsided...

alex_200mm 56M
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7/22/2006 5:39 pm

please continue...

and don't skimp on the details...

Alex xo

rm_gorilla062 49M
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7/24/2006 10:26 am

We want more.... and more often!! Maybe some pics of your adventures would be an added feature!!

digdug41 49M

7/25/2006 9:51 am

uh thats quite a story there got me quite flustered to say the least

roaming the cyber streets of blogland

rm_6ULDV81 47M
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7/26/2006 7:26 am

what can i say? when i die i want to come back as the sink in an aircraft toilet............ or i'd settle for just one night with you before i go.

isntlifestrange 59M

6/18/2007 6:28 pm

that a sexy was stories

rm_heisunique1 62M

8/14/2007 9:54 am

Very Nice SEXY Lady!!

Here (please see below email) is a little part of one of MY stories to return the favor for your hot fantasy, as you would LOVE to be my sex toy and I would LOVE fulfilling your every desire. I wrote what follows and can supply more if you wish(?). YOU would be my best fantasy come true.

So, what do you thik we could do together, after you consider my Profile. A trip to Noosa, Australia would be the time of your life, if you care to make the journey someday.

All the best,
My plan had worked because Grant was momentarily averted from bringing me to another unwanted orgasm. I increasingly eager to feel him inside of my well-lathered, dripping sweet pussy and I began to forget about my desire to feel and watch him as he had a full orgasm in my mouth and into my throat, so that I could taste his semen and sperm together. Grant resumed kissing upon me again, yet this time the angle was much different and his tongue seemed far more agile and he was sucking upon me far less than previously. His pointed tongue nimbly danced around my clitoris and then very deeply into my pussy and upwards to stimulate my G-spot wildly, then withdrawing to gradually travel downwards and then firmly and very deeply into the entrance of my very juicy ass, sending me into another wave of convulsive throbbing pulsations in my pussy and ass. Grant’s cock was once again hardening considerably and I held onto it very tightly with both of my slippery hands to prevent it from travelling too much further into my completely relaxed throat, as the slight gagging reflex served to inspire even more intense ecstatic contractions in my ass and pussy. I could feel Grant’s throbbing giant cock preparing to have an explosive orgasm and I quickly began to swallow the excess saliva and semen in my mouth to ready myself to receive his orgasm, when he suddenly and quite unexpectedly withdrew his pulsating organ and kissed me deeply with his tongue deftly probing my sweet juicy mouth. As he did this, I realised with something of a shock that the incredibly passionate oral lovemaking I was receiving had continued at an even more intensely ecstatic pace, causing me to shiver with delight as he held my head in his hands and kissed me as no one had ever done before. Instead of feasting upon his sweet ejaculate, I savoured the mixture of his saliva and my own tasty bodily juices as he continued to kiss me for several minutes as I began to whither in orgasmic rapture. I had seldom had many strong orgasms with my unenthusiastic husband, so the magnitude of these ongoing sequences of minor energy orgasms was complete new to me. Previously, my only source of powerful orgasms was from my own masturbation so to be so lovingly and passionately treated to such fantastic sexual union was quite wonderful.

Grant quietly whispered in my ear. “Are you ready for my cock now? It was all I could do to gasp a breathless yes and he lifted my head so that I could see Olivia head bobbing about as she frantically consumed my flowing juices with the most erotic soft slurping noises imaginable. She glanced up at me briefly, her eyes smiling tenderly and lovingly into mine, as she drove her tongue deeply into my pulsating pussy to again probing delicately around the entrance to my G spot. Grant carefully turned me over onto my hands and knees in front of him as he remained at the top to the bed and Olivia and I were then eye to eye a foot or so apart. She had gorgeous, very affectionate, expressive sky blue eyes that invited me to be her special friend although she was so much younger than I, it was plain to see that she had much to teach me and that she would gladly do whatever I wanted of her without question. Olivia moved slowly forward and began to lightly kiss the drooling sweet liquid from my chin and neck as I looked across her muscular lean back to relish the sight of her perfectly rounded firm ass that was flexed tightly as she eased herself from her knees at the foot of the bed and began to kiss her way toward my beautifully sculpted firm large breasts that had been my husband’s sucking playground for so many years after my successful surgery to create the ideal masterpiece of feminine form. Grant distracted me from her affections as I felt the soft pointed tip of his penis tickling the entrance to my creamy pussy and he repeatedly traced it delicately across and around my clitoris, the a little ways into my pussy and upwards to dabble momentarily around the entrance to my ass before again squeezing its way past the threshold of the entrance to my throbbing hot vagina, penetrating ever more deeply each stroke as my very tight vaginal muscles slowly began to relax to accommodate his massive circumference and not even a quarter of his length which was already much larger than anything I had experienced previously and vastly more pleasurable. I gasped irregularly as he continued to gently coax my muscles to allow him further and then further into private places that no man had gone before. Grant caressed my bottom and held my hips firmly and motionlessly as he gradually worked about half of his massive cock into my vagina and the feeling was superlative beyond description. With my eyes closed to focus my attention fully upon enjoying the moment, I was vaguely conscious of Olivia lying under my body, kissing and sucking my tender breasts and nipples, as I relaxed upon my hands and knees to allow Grant full complete access to me. I was unable to fully relax because his cock was so much larger than I was used to and I wanted him to plunge it into me, yet knew this would not be wise from my attempt to swallow his penis while it was only about half of its fully hardened state, so I simply released myself into the ecstasy of the experience. Grant began to rub and squeeze my bottom and his fingers began to touch my ass in a manner that made me tighten my sphincter muscles which somehow caused me to inexplicably instantly more relax my relatively tightened vagina muscles. As I did this, Grant eased himself further and further into me, yet it was the large circumference of his still supple cock that took my breath away as he managed to almost fully extend himself into my pussy and then he began to slowly, gently and rhythmically have his tender way with me as I increasingly relaxed and enjoyed the feeling immensely.
(and later) Olivia surprised me by lifting her head to kiss the insides of my thighs and then rapidly moved further upwards to firmly begin sucking my swollen aroused clitoris as Grant immediately began to swell in size as my vaginal muscles clamped down upon his active big dick. He again inserted his wet thumbs into my juicy bottom to encourage me to relax my pussy for him, which immediately sent me into a massive orgasm that made me scream softly with incredible delight, as Olivia relaxed her sucking action to gently hold her tender mouth upon my clitoris as my convulsive repeated orgasmic waves of ecstasy reverberated through my trembling energised body. Grant felt me coming and he was again almost fully hard and he too exploded into my pulsating sensitive juicy vagina as he gripped my hips in an almost vice-like manner that was much to my liking. It was absolutely fantastic to so strongly feel the pulses of his manly juices exiting his engorged penis as he moaned in ecstatic pleasure, relief, release, and sheer joy. As my own orgasmic sensations gradually eased, I became quite aware that Olivia had continued to very gently hold her receptive mouth upon my quivering clitoris as she shared the intense feelings of my orgasm through her oral connection to my sensate body. I opened my eyes to see her abdominal muscles rippling under the strain to keep her pretty head attached to my pussy and saw her legs had been pulled upwards and were spread wide to assist her positioning under me to remain in contact with my rhythmically moving torso as Grant and I delighted in our simultaneous orgasms. I slowly lowered my hips somewhat so that Olivia could lower her head and relax, yet I wanted to keep her pretty face and mouth exactly where it was. Grant also lowered himself with me so that his still throbbing half hard cock would remain well-inside of me. ....

Hope to hear from YOU!!

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