Bad night  

sue2times 49F
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2/10/2006 7:25 am

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1/30/2008 4:42 am

Bad night

Had a pretty bad experience last week.Horrible actually.
I been having sex with men in thier fifties...surprisingly, as a age group they are the best lovers I have had. Experienced, knowledgeable, willing and usually very kind and polite. So I was foolish enough to think I would fuck several at the same time. Pull a train so to speak, one after the other. however I wasn't able to put that together, so I went with plan B. Younger guys..bad mistake.
I rented a room by Jack Frost and decided I would pick them up skiing. Nice strong,young active n fit..what more could I want right?
everything was going good, I chatted up with a group of studs at the bar we all had several drinks and I invited them all back to party in my room. And they all came. 5 of them in thier late 20's. I changed in the bathroom to my black corset and when I came out of the bathroom the boys went wild! I asked for a show of decide the order of things. 4 of the 5 were average and 1 guy was hung pretty good. I immedidately took him in my mouth and made him as hard as I could. He was big and think and I sucked him off kneeling in front of him just as he came I pulled him out and shot his cum in my face and neck. I wanted him hard again, thinking he would be the last guy to fuck me, so I sucked him first to give him recovery time.
No sooner did I get him off then the rest of the guys went nuts.They all started grabbing me. In seconds i was face down on the bed and they were pulling the bottom of my corset up and the top down. My tits and pussy exposed and someone start fucking me from behind..hard ..rough.A cock was jammed in my mouth and this guy was slamming his cock in my mouth like it was a pussy..gaging me everytime he trust , ramming his groin into my face, I could taste my blood from my lips and I felt them enter me one after the other, I know atleast 2 of them didn't use condoms and cam inside me. I had called out to say "hey condoms remember". Then the guy fucking me pulled hard on my hair, pullling my head back so his buddy could stick his cock in my mouth. When I didn't open it this jerk slapped me across my face, then they all started slapping me. They rolled me over and 1 guy climbed over me and sat on my belly..he began slapping my tits hard.using both hands. I started yelling and someone shoved a dirty sock in my mouth while his buddy slapped the hell out of my breasts. Stinging the hell out of my seemed like he slapped them for ever. my breasts were raw and real red. One guy was holding my arms and someone my legs whle this jerk on top of me got an aligator clip from somewhere and clipped it on my nipple. I was screaming into the sock as someone started pulling on the clip, stretching my nipple until it pulled off..the sensation felt like the nipple was going to explode off my breast. They continued to grab my tits ass they all start fingering me, sometimes more fingers in me then I could count. I head someone say to fist me...I stuggled free and got off the bed to my feet and said no one is fisting me, I had enough they should leave. The next thing I knew one of them punched me hard in the stomach and knocked the wind out of me. I fell to my knees and 2 guys grabbed my arms and pulled me back to my feet and the guy punched me again..laughing as I fell again. then he slapped my face back and forth a couple of times.."a good bitch slapping" he called it. then they threw me back on the bed, one of them mounted me, put one hand on my throat and told me not to scream again and fucked me while one of them jerked off into my eyes. Then they were done with me. when he got off me I saw the 3 others had dressed so I knew they were leaving and I just wanted them out. the other two dressed as I lay on the bed crying and cursing them. As the started to leave, mr biggest dick came to the bed and sat me up. I thought he was being gentle when WAM he punched me in the face and then the stomach. He grabbed my nipple and started pulling me off the bed by my tit as i swung at him...missed. He laughed and walked out the door leaving it open. I closed the door and after they left showered and did my best to clean myself up. My lip was busted open in 2 places, my face a little swollen my breasts were killing me. Neither the cold or warm water helped them. they had handprint marks all over them and were fairly swollen, my nips were killing me also. They also stole my bra and panties as well as the cash from my pocketbook. The next morning I had a black eye, a swollen lip and my breasts were black and blue. I had to run my car into a tree so my husband would think what happened happened.
This is an experience i will never have again...older men only from here on out..and only one on one..well maybe 2 on one...

rm_Mick22059 58M

2/10/2006 1:26 pm

You have to be careful out there.Alot of fucked up people in this world today.It could have been alot worse for you.Besure of your company first.

rm_jnc4fun2006 57M/57F
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3/8/2006 11:04 am

hey jnc at jms4450 Y

bob_pa98 53M
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3/12/2006 5:08 am

Sorry to hear about your experience, ther are some real assholes out there I guess. Well I'm 49, not quite 50 but I'd love to give you a nice erotic massage so you could forget all about those idiots!

bondagefun2006 55M
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3/27/2006 9:49 am

sorry to read that....bondage RN at in scranton, e-mail me.

rm_bbwswtone 48F
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5/25/2006 1:58 pm

Their behavior was and is shameful- I think we all should take a good look at one another and offer an ear and some sympathy- I wish you the best and hope time has erased this memory somewhat.

rm_7incclub 54M
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3/26/2007 1:57 pm

Sue hi its Bill,nothing like that will ever happen when we are together.Looking to meeting you very soon,show you how a gentelman makes love to you,brings you off lots of times that evening,take care hon.Please becarefull out their!

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