all those lonley nights  

suckublue2 45T
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7/24/2006 7:39 pm

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10/2/2006 2:23 pm

all those lonley nights

Step up and be my man for the night.

fckbuddy1973 43M
1 post
7/28/2006 7:57 am

looking for a good time ..

ifeel2dirty 45M

8/2/2006 12:39 pm

please don't make me wait too long. please don't make me beg!

ptownboy1970 45M
1 post
8/8/2006 11:21 am

Name the time and the place and I'll suck on you too. email me the details and I'll send some pics.

briansilver2 42M
1 post
8/10/2006 2:21 am

Just let me know when and where, and I'll be there with inches to spare!!!

Sable505 51M/41F

8/23/2006 4:10 pm

hi where are you at??

Sable505 51M/41F

8/23/2006 4:11 pm

hi where are you at and how old are you ?

pleaseme1958 58M
3 posts
9/2/2006 9:29 am

I think you are hot. I would like to me your man for several nights....

rm_zack179 37M
1 post
9/4/2006 8:50 am

e-mail me

rm_Cheetahz69 56M
8 posts
9/15/2006 7:14 am

i am interested in a few hours one weekday, need a fuck buddy?

3 posts
9/18/2006 12:32 am


suckublue2 replies on 9/18/2006 4:05 pm:
Just let me know.

rm_cdmark19701 46M
1 post
9/23/2006 4:11 pm

i am willing to be your man

biguyforblkorwht 46M
1 post
10/29/2006 5:28 pm

Hit me up if you are interested in getting together. I'd be happy to be your man for a night.

mtfcdinaz 49M

12/22/2006 1:12 pm

When and were and I would love to step up and be there for you?

You look great I cant wait for u much longer driving me insane

rm_philipie3 65M

8/17/2007 6:49 pm

so sexy baby mail me so i can be your slave x

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