Getting sucked  

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4/5/2005 8:15 am

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Getting sucked

I am someone who loves to have her tits sucked's something I so enjoy... but there is a reason why. I was 12 years old...7th grade. I had just gotten into a DD cup and was a little new with my big chest. I mean none of the girls my age even began to develop and here I was with these massive boobs. Well boys my age were all curious and rude in so many ways... asking if they could feel them, or see them. I of course said no.. I didn't like looking at them at the time why would they want to. Well one day me and some friends were playing hide-n-seek around my neighbor (remember were 12) and I was hiding with a guy friend named Steve. He was 13. He was a very tochy feeling person always tickling, and rubbing my back which I didn't have a problem with because he never did anything inapporaite to me. Well that changed. He was tickling me and I was trying to keep slient. I was standing in front of a window looking out of it, bent over a table. He was beside me, but moved behind me and began to rub my back, which wasn't strange to me. The more he rubbed the closer he got to boobs until he was cuffing both of them in his hands and massaging them instead of my back. I had never had a guy feel me at all... but it felt so good so I just closed my eyes and enjoyed. He asked me if I was OK with this I nodded. He then slid his hands up my shirt and under my bra. He was shaking a little and seemed nervous himself. He lifted my shirt so he could sort of see them. So I took off my shirt and he did my bra and let them hang. After what seemed like forever of him feeling me for a good time and felt so wonderful. I turned towards him. His eyes got huge. He then asked me if he could as he moved his mouth toward my nipple I shoke my head and he began to kiss them, and them felt so good, he sucked forever it seemed, before switching and moving to the other boob. I could have just melted. We didn't have sex...and never did. But he did get his share of boobie play with me )

wilianbeat 37M
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4/5/2005 9:10 am

ola, is wilian and I live in Brazil
and I found its pretty breasts
I don't speak English so well therefore it excuses me if I wrote some word it wanders (laughters)

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