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8/23/2006 5:17 pm

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Before I get into the ramblings of my day and night I have something to say to all of my fellow AdultFriendFinder ladies. Lately, I've been getting a lot of emails from intrigued young ladies (like myself) about my secret agent and can if I can forward him your information.....Umm let me think about that!

Hell FUCK NO!!

While he and I aren’t married or in a monogamous relationship….if he is fucking someone else I darn sure don’t want to know about it….and further more I’m not introducing him to any other pussy on my watch.

Ok…so my secret agent comes over and we cuddle. Wow….that man smells so good his scent is seriously an aphrodisiac. He could easily pass as Brian McKnight’s son. He 6’1 (I love tall men like I love oxygen), he has an ocean of waves in his hair, his smile is a bit intimidating because its gets me so moist, and he has the prettiest dick that I’ve ever laid eyes on.

After cuddling I couldn’t help but to touch it, kiss him, and just have him caress by back like only he can. Now unbeknownst to him I was so worried that the second time around would be awful because he and I have been talking quite a bit on the phone trying to get to know each other better…so that old motto about sex being better with a person you hardly know started to bear heavily on my mind. Nonetheless, the sex this time around was just as mind blowing as the first. I mean this man has me doing things that I didn’t realize I could do…like begging for the dick while at the same tine screaming at the top of my lungs how I just simply can’t take any more ecstasy. An being a frequent member of AdultFriendFinder he woke up in the morning with a hard on….and torn my pussy up!

On my way to work I started thinking about him more and more. I started wondering if this guy was really as nice and a gentleman. Why in the hell is he single? I also begin to wonder how genuine his intentions were…I mean he and I met under some crazy circumstances is it possible that I man that I’ve only had sex with to really care and show affection toward me? Again….


Although he and I agreed to be friends (more like fuck buddies in my opinion) I know that our “friendship” is fragile…..and I’m cool with that.

Since, I kinda got the routine of my “friend” down by now…and this blog is surly on his wish list. So this is my message to him.

Cum over TONIGHT….I cooked, finally went grocery shopping, and I can pen my mouth up real wide tonight….hope to see you!

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