I would much rather go through child birth then get my wisdom teeth taken out again  

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8/18/2006 5:39 pm

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I would much rather go through child birth then get my wisdom teeth taken out again

Caution: I'm in a BITCHY mood of a lifetime

I swear if anyone would have told me about the pain of this extraction....Honestly I would have gotten a second opinion or something!

One guy totally fucked up any chance of meeting me in person. He sends me a email about meeting or what have you. My reply is "read my blog"! That is my way of telling him that I'm not going to be available this weekend or some of next week....do u know this fool reply? "Witch (the way his spell it) one of your blog should I read?" Umm....let me think....the last two pervious posts pretty much explain it all. Granted I'm just looking for a friend and some dick...but dayum need dick with "know how" not just in bed but in general. It’s nothing more that I can't stand then a person you have to point everything out to. I'm seriously contemplating blocking his ass!

My father is a asshole...and I think that’s why I treat most men and him the way I do. My father is/was a spoiled as man that always had women doing whatever he wanted....then he had me! He and I fight so much is crazy but he acts like a 16 year old little boy who just got his first piece of pubic hair. He calls last night like "Baby girl I'm in DC what’s going on?"....Well dad I'm going to get all four of my wisdom teeth taken out. Do u that mofo hasn't even called me to see how I was! Which is cool for now because when my little mouth can move again he going to catch it...but I'm tried of having to tell my father how to be a father! At one point in college I had to tell him if you can come all the way to DC and not give your only daughter something...save you gas money as stay you ass in NY. Now every time I see him....he has a check or something in his hand...which is the way it should've been a while ago. When I was in undergrad he didn't send me a fucking dollar...so don't come see me if you can't help support your kid! Ok moving on to the next...

So I had a job interview today...and I think it went rather well UNTIL he shows be the job title. Apparently, when he called me it was for a analyst position...now it’s another position! I'm a little ticked off BUT this position pays more and I have medical, vision, and DENTAL!

And since I'm being honest today....I was a little upset with my secret agent because I just knew he wasn't going to call...BUT as a true to form gentlemen he called to make sure I was doing fine. He really is a nice guy...I KNOW I'm going to hold on to him...rather as a friend, a buddy with benefits, or whatever because it is hard these days to find a man with some form of dignity.

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