All I do is think of and night thats all I do  

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8/20/2006 8:10 pm

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8/20/2006 8:30 pm

All I do is think of and night thats all I do

I can't get you off my mind...think about you all the time....all the time

I'm thinking of dick!

And not just any dick...good dick! So I swallowed my pride and called Secret Agent 009 inch to make sure that he was free this upcoming Saturday. Luckily, he was and we penciled each other into our schedule for Saturday night. My goodness…I am craving for this man. I mean I’ve thought about our night together throughout the week. The images of our bodies tangled together in a relentless heat of passion are as clear in my head as is my name.

Granted we penciled each other in for Saturday...but hell since we enjoy each other's company why not make it Friday night as well. and my swollen face need to take a cold shower...


Guess who?!?!?!....I swear it feels like my pussy and his dick has some sort of transmitter the wetter I get and the more I think about "it"...he calls! Dayum I could really use a good cuddle right about now...but I'm too much of a punk ass to ask him!

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