A little bit about me  

suckblackpuss06 33F
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8/12/2006 3:56 pm

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8/13/2006 3:20 am

A little bit about me

Ok...so I'm new to this whole internet sex thing and while it is interesting I can't help to feel a little insecure and CHEAP! I mean hell I'm a dayum good catch...education, money, looks, and a wonderful personality! But I'm a fucking freak....a freak that is true to form! But me and my freak are always in opposition....and everynow and then in agreement! To be honest there isn't too many sexual experiences that I would turn down if it was with the right person! Nonetheless, I want to thank all of the fellow AdultFriendFinder's for accepting me into your world.

So last night I was on the website all night...I often just like to play with myself as I'm imagining the many beautiful dicks that I see in me....but I came across a dick soooo pretty and rare I just had to send him a email.. We chatted and played phone tag and finally made arrangements to get it on!! I made myself very clear upfront...granted I have freaky tendencies but I'm no dayum fool....CONDOMS, DENTAL DAM, and flavored condoms are a must (which reminds me I need to pick somemore up). Well he gets here after being a hour late....and the sex (NO FOREPLAY) lasted all of 5-8 minutes. Ya'll I could have slapped the shit out of this man...but I kept my cool and thought well maybe he came so fast because it was the first round...the second round is sure to knock the codwebs thats been on my pussy for two years off...well it didn't and I put him out with respect and class! Now that he left that little voice in the back of head is starting to get louder and louder...."YOU'RE A FUCKING NUTBALL"! Then the emotions of the inner freak started to get louder and louder as well "GET YOUR ASS BACK ON THAT SITE AND FIND SOME REAL DICK....AND A LITTLE TONGUE WOULDN'T HURT"....so ladies and gentlemen here I am again!!

The_Donald_Too 69M

8/12/2006 4:45 pm

What's the ugly photo?

hepster2077 39M
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8/12/2006 5:12 pm

Welcome. Sorry things turned out badly in round one. I'm sure things'll turn around in round two. That first guy just didn't meet the expectations of the inner freak. Hopefully you'll meet someone with the same inner freak as yourself and it'll work out perfectly.

solar1965 51M/34M
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8/12/2006 10:43 pm

We hope you get the tongue and lots of it!!!!better luck next time

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