A day in the parking lot  

sucadic5 60M
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8/4/2006 5:07 am
A day in the parking lot

Yesterday I was supposed to spend the day with my sister in law and neis, we went to meet her at her work place needless to say she was not ready so her daughter went in to find out what was the hold up while I waited in the car.
It was a long wait!!! A car pulled in next to me with two African Americans both of which I thought were very attractive, the driver got out and went into the shopping center leaving his friend sitting in the car. I kept stealing glances at him as I sat waiting. I noticed him checking all the ladies out as they came and went
every once and a while he would tug at his crotch this got me a little excited, it was not long until two African American ladies pulled in on the other side of him both of whom were real hot with the most beautiful asses I have seen since my return to the U.S as I watched them he caught me looking as he rubbed his dick and the game was on he slowly unzipped his pants as he nervously looked around and hauled out his hefty tool half erect but very long and started stroking it from my vantage point I could see every thing he did but he could not see me but I took mine out as well and began stroking it in unison.
His dick was so big and hard that I could see it throbbing, he pulled the four skin up and held it between his thumb and index fingers and shook it vigorously than with both hands stretched it to it's fullest capacity and than slowly pulled it back down all the way to the base exposing a big fat knob that was leaking pre cum like crazy.
My God this was getting me so hot I thought I would have a stroke. I wanted desperately to give him a hand so i got out of the car and walked around to his side of the car and leaned in telling him that I thought he needed some help with that monster he chuckled and said to go ahead so i reached in and wrapped my hand around it and it started jerking like mad and than spit out a tremendous load that arched up in the air and splattered all over my hand, God I thought I would die right there on the spot, when I got back in my car I could hardly contain my self.
I took my dick out again and started to pump it slowly at first but than I could feel the juices building and had to speed up a little, I really did not want to shoot that fast but all the excitement of this big beautiful black guy had me so worked up that the cum went flying, it blew so hard that my load hit the windshield and splattered every where just as a nice looking lady pulled in the parking space in front of me.
I quickly took some napkins and started to wipe my nose and pretended that I had sneezed and wiped it off the windshield looking at her sheepishly.

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