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4/27/2006 1:25 pm

" I do not expect to be kept waiting. There are no excuses. Bend over and hold your ankles." She obediently did as she was told. He was right, there were no excuses. The room went quiet and she stood there red faced. Ashamed, she did as she was told and bent over grasping her ankles tightly.

In full view of her new expectant audience he lifted up her dress and draped it over her shoulders. She felt more humiliated keeping her dress on than naked standing in a private room with Him. Her smooth bare buttocks were revealed and He allowed the audience to take in the sight for a few seconds. He asked someone to tie her hands to her ankle and then changed his mind. Much more humiliating to have her stay like that and take her punishment of her own free will.

She dug her nails into her flesh as she braced herself for what was to come. He took a riding crop and brought it down on her buttocks. The pain seared through her as she dug deeper into her skin. He struck her again and she bit her lip to stop herself crying out. "Gag her."

Someone placed a pair of their sub's panties into her mouth and she could taste their juices. This aroused her and she began to feel wet between her legs. Before she knew it another blow swept across her arse.It stung and her legs were aching.

The audience moved closer and took in her pleasurable pain. She made the mistake of looking up and catching the eye of an onlooker. He nodded to her Master.

He ripped her dress off her and let it drop to the floor where it lay caught between her hands and her ankles. He stood back and let everyone take in her nakedness. She felt exposed but aroused.

He loosened her restrants and let her hands ride up her thigh where he re-tied her. She was now bent in half. She could now see the baying crowd around her and could sense their arousal and excitement. "Open your mouth."

He Master grabbed her hair and pulled it hard. " Take my cock in your mouth." She parted her lips wide and took it between them. She tasted her powerful Master. She worked her tongue on him knowing how much he liked this. She could feel it swell and knew he would be pleased. He removed his cock and undid her hands. Was her punishment over?

"Lie on the table and spread your legs wide." As she did so she felt two people each hold an ankle. "Hands above your head." Again someone grabbed hold of her wrists.He got on top of her and roughly put his cock into her wet cunt. He fucked her. The table rubbed her back in pain. All eyes were on her. " Don't you dare cum. This is punishment not pleasure." She tried to stifle the welling excitement inside her.

He suddenly withdrew and sat on her breasts while someone else seemed to be probing her cunt. He slapped her across the face with his cock and then began to masturbate.

His creamy juices sprayed over her face and in her hair. " Lap it up." She licked it up, her lips swallowing as much as she could. Her restrainers let go of her limbs and the probing fingers stopped. "Never keep me waiting again." As he said this her audience turned their backs on her. Her punishment was done.

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