Time to Dance  

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4/26/2006 11:56 am

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Time to Dance

She was lost in the moment ‒ dancing to the sexy tune on the dance floor. She closed her eyes as she gyrated to its rhythm. On opening her eyes she caught His gaze. He heart began to pound. She began to move in time to the music again, keeping her eyes locked to His, her body imagining His hands running all over her. She was feeling aroused. She could feel the lust in His eyes. He licked his lips and she continued to dance for Him. He smiled.

She walked over and sat next to Him. He leant over to her and whispered in her ear, “Was that performance for me?” He took her hand and placed it in His groin. She could feel His hard cock under her fingers. “Look what it has done to me.” She blushed. “Let’s take this somewhere else,” He said and grabbed her wrist, leading her towards the Ladies.

He pushed past a line of women who giggled and whispered. He threw open the end cubicle and pushed her roughly against the inside of the door. He crushed His mouth to hers, his insistent tongue probing her. He stood back and looked at her. “Yum,” and smirked.

He pushed her against the door and pulled the top of her dress down to reveal her breasts. Her nipples were hard and he bent down and bit her right nipple hard. She winced. He put his forefinger onto her lips, “Oh no, not a sound.” He pinched her other nipple hard and she resisted the urge to call out. He slid his other hand up her thigh. He ripped her thong off. “I’ve told you NEVER to wear those.” She trembled in fear and arousal.

He felt her pussy, finding her very wet. He slid two fingers inside her, rubbing his thumb against her clit. He removed his fingers which were glistening with her juices and ordered her to lick them clean. She did as she was told. As she was lapping her wetness from his fingers, he suddenly swung her around. “Put you hands on the door above your head.” She did as she was told. He leant into her and swept her hair to the side revealing her neck and shoulders. He began to kiss her neck. She closed her eyes desperate with desire for him. Every part of her was waking up to a new depth of ecstasy. Suddenly he bit hard on her shoulder and started to suck. He placed his hands on hers so she was unable to resist and the pain of the bite quickly turned to pleasure and she could feel herself getting wetter. She could begin to feel her legs weaken. He could sense it too and stopped biting.

She realised the queue outside the cubicle is still there but is lost in her own fantasy. The thought of being caught only serves to arouse her more.

He spun her around so she was facing him. He knelt down and instructed her to pull up her dress. His mouth nibbled at her clit and she lifted her right leg up for him to gain easier access. He parts her lips with his tongue licking and biting. Tiny explosions increase in her cunt and droplets of cum trickled out of her which he hungrily licked up. “Oh God, Fuck me, plea..” She tried to stop herself but she knew what she’d done.

“You spoke. Little slut, deserves a spanking.” He removed his belt. “ Keep that dress up and bend forward.” She cried out as the belt struck her. “ Not a word I said”. Concerned at what the women on the other side of the door would think she was silent as the belt struck for a second time. “Good.”

He took out his cock and while she was bent over he thrust inside her. Trembling she pushed back taking more of his length inside her. Feeling her do this he built up speed, thrusting with more force each time. His breathing changed and she knew he was close to coming.

She squeezed her muscles tighter wanting to feel him come inside her. He cried out and pulled her hair, forcing her head back as he came inside her. She dropped her dress and knelt down. She licked him clean. He zipped himself up, looked down on her. “Time for another dance I think.”

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4/26/2006 1:08 pm

wow and i thought i was good at writing maybe we can get together one day and cyber each others creative minds together my addy is my profile name

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