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Their parties, at the age of 16, were legendary at school. The reality of them were that they were a license for debauchery and teenage kicks!

She had lost count of how many glasses of vodka based punch she had had. Punch, however, was an apt name as she began to feel pain all over her body.

It was then, in a moment of consciousness that she realized the pain was real. She had mouths on her, nibbling at her breasts.

She was lay on her back on a bed - completely naked. She could not remember removing, or the removal of, her clothes. Her vision was blurry and the room was spinning. A tongue forced open her lips and began kissing her - she did not resist.

Three of her male mates lay beside her on the bed. They each, in turn, kissed her and whispered how beautiful she was. She did not resist.

Hands stroked her body, exploring her. She did not feel afraid - she was becoming aroused at the boys' touch. She could see, too, that they also were becoming aroused.

They divided her up - two taking a breast each and the third her lower half. The 'breast boys' held her hands above her head and took it in turns to suck and bite her nipples and breasts, and then kiss her passionately.

The third boy watched them - a little embarrassed at his own arousal.

She spread her legs in front of him, beckoning him to overcome his shyness. She lifted her pussy towards him, teasing him and urging him to touch her. He took his fingers and began to probe her - finding her wet and swollen.

The biting, the nibbling, the caressing and kissing continued. She couldn't and wouldn't resist. She moaned, enjoying their attention. The third boy grew braver and pulled her lips wide apart as he took in this new and wondrous sight. He was drawn to it and began to lick it - the taste was addictive and he wanted more.

Soon she was screaming out in ecstasy as all three boys brought her to a climax. Expecting all of them to want to take their turn with her, she lay and waited. But that was not their intention - they wanted to pleasure her.

With her hands still being held down by one of the boys, the others took it in turn to make their mark on her - covering her in love bites - branding her thighs, her stomach, her breasts and her arms. The pain was exquisite as they sucked and bit. She felt aroused again.

The two boys then took over holding her arms as they flipped her over so that the third boy could mark her back. This sent her into a frenzy, especially as he bit the back of her neck and sucked hard. He moved down her back and as he reached the top of her thighs she spread her legs wide, wanting him to enter her. He wouldn't and within moments the boys had left her.

She stood up, steadied herself and looked in the mirror - she was fascinated at the marks all over her body and felt aroused at their sight. She felt between her legs at her wetness, frustrated that they hadn't fucked her. As she began to frig herself, she noticed the third boy watching her and so she frigged herself harder. She looked him in the eye and mouthed, 'Fuck me.'

The boy, no longer embarrassed, smiled and walked towards her. She did not resist

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Interesting story...

subsara100 replies on 4/27/2006 2:33 pm:
Not a story...fact.xx

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