Food Fun  

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4/27/2006 1:24 pm
Food Fun

Master led her naked body to the table. " Lie on your back and give each hand to the girls standing either side of the table. Spread your legs wide and give each ankle to the girls here."

He helped her step up the table and, as instructed, placed her limbs where told. Restraints appeared from under the table and were attached. She looked at the four male diners, who sat either side of the table, as they looked at her greedily.

He master sat at the head of the table and took out a blindfold and covered her eyes. "Dessert can now be served."

She could hear nothing; feel nothing but her heart pounding as she waited with excitement at what was to happen to her next.

A cold liquid was poured from above as custard...cream...fruit sauce were emptied out of jugs by three girls. All smothered her skin and the sauces began to drip down into her cunt, over her nipples, along her belly and in between her toes. The cold excited her.

On the Master's orders each male picked up a spoon and began to scrape the sauces from her. The edge of the spoons scraped her skin, arousing her.

The males then dispensed with their manners and suddenly warm tongues began to lick her body. One concentrated on her feet lapping between her toes - she found it ticklish but her mind was taken elsewhere to other tongues.

One was tracing his tongue along the inside of her thighs and she trembled as it neared her cunt - her own juices intermingling with the cream. The tongue hungrily sucked her lips, her clit, delving deeper to seek out more. She groaned at the pleasure.

Males either side of her took their tongues up her stomach and licked her sweet nipples, biting and sucking hard.

After a while she lost count of the number of tongues and hands that were over her body, smearing the liquid into her and then taking pleasure in sucking it off or out. She so wanted to cum but did not want to displease her Master.

Master freed her restraints. "Time for seconds". She was flipped over onto her stomach and was bound again. More custard and cream was poured from above which made her cry out in pleasure for she knew what was to come.

Hands smoothed the cream into her back and arse. Her leg restraints were released. "Kneel," and she did as she as her Master requested. The custard dripped down into the crack between her buttocks. She felt nervous, this was an area never explored before.

Someone pulled her buttocks apart and she held her breath, fearful what someone would do. "Trust him."

A face pressed against her arse and a greedy tongue licked her crack. The tip of the tongue penetrated her hole and she gasped. The tongue moved away as she heard her Master say, " Time for my dessert."

Other tongues concentrated on her nipples, breasts, her back and belly, for now it was her Master's turn.

He climbed on the table and slipped his hard cock behind deep into her sticky, wet cunt. A plum was placed in her mouth to gag her for there was to be no sound.

He was ravenous and held her tight as he fucked her. He came quickly inside her. He stayed there and played with her swollen, sticky cunt until she came. No sound was emitted.

He removed the plum and her blindfold as her hands were also freed. "You have made a fine dish today and I am pleased with you. Now bathe yourself for I will be in need of you later."

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