First Time..  

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4/27/2006 1:29 pm

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First Time..

The text read:' I am leaving now. When I arrive I want u kneeling on the bed facing away from the door. U will NOT speak unless asked a direct question. Lets see how sub u r x'

She felt between her legs, the text alone had made her wet. She took her unwalkable shoes and strapped them tight around her ankles. She stroked their heels, imagining holding them with her legs spread wide.

The anticipation was making her wetter and she felt she would explode at his touch. His touch. She imagined his hands exploring her body, examining her readiness for him.

A car pulled up. Dutifully she climbed on the bed, assumed her position - kneeling, head down, submissive. Submissive - she would let him do as he wished. She would give herself to him.

The key went in the lock. Her knees ached as the shoes did not allow her to relax. The ache sent waves pleasure to her cunt as she began to tremble with anticipation.

He climbed the stairs. He inner thighs were wet. He would be pleased, flattered at how much she wanted him. And she did want him. She wanted him to tease her and fuck her. The waiting was unbearable.

He crossed the landing and reached the door. She could feel his eyes staring at her, taking in her flesh. She felt him behind her and electricity flooded to her clit as he kissed her neck and shoulders.

She dared to look to her right, but was ordered to face forward looking down. A zip opened and a piece of silk was bound around her eyes. Another toy appeared - a cuff - was placed on her right wrist. He demanded her left wrist and cuffed that too. Cuffs were placed around each ankle. Each wrist was cuffed to an ankle. He moved away as she knelt. Waiting. Aching.

He undressed. He checked between her legs to see how ready she was for him. She was wet."Good girl." A pillow was placed in front of her. She was pushed forward and without warning he thrust his large, hard cock into her warm, wet, tight cunt.

She was screaming into the pillow as she came almost immediately. He didn't stop. He pulled her hair as he thrust harder and forced her swelling cunt to take him in - deeper. She began to come again - with him this time. He pushed harder and groaned - he wanted to fuck her in two. He bit her back and tore back her head. The pace quickened as they both cried out, climaxing simultaneously.

He took his belt and sliced it across her buttocks."Next time, girl, you will climax only when I say. This is your one and ONLY warning. Disobey me and you WILL be punished."

She looked up and replied, "Yes, Master." At which, he sliced her again across the buttocks. The pain seared through her body.

" You want to be a sub, then this is how you learn."And for the final time that evening he swiped her with his belt. The welt marks would serve as a reminder to her of the required demeanour.

spacecadet561 60M

4/27/2006 2:48 pm

Maybe you can explain why people do this. I've never comprehended it.


subsara100 replies on 4/28/2006 2:05 pm:
Where do I begin - am dominant in public life - love the feeling of surrender to my Master. Love to be controlled and the thrill of being submissive. Each to their own. ssxx

rm_moonboy23 36M
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5/13/2006 10:47 am

strange experience lol.....
like to see more action ..

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