Father and Son  

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Father and Son

She began going out with Simon when she was just 16. He was 19 - own car, good job and drop dead gorgeous. How lucky was she?

She'd get the train to Honeybourne and he'd pick her up in his van. He and his Dad ran a small holding in Mickleton - a market garden.

Simon often had to work in the garden shop but she would hang around - take the dogs for a walk, make the tea, and when Simon took a break they would make the most of their short time together.

She had a flirty relationship with Simon's dad - Joe. A very good looking 40 something, with a great sense of humour and a twinkle in his eye. He was very flirty and over the weeks he seemed to spend more and more time with her while Simon was working.

One Saturday morning she was washing up after lunch when Joe appeared. He came up close behind her and told her how gorgeous she was. She felt very excited at his presence and knew she wanted him more than she wanted Simon. She imagined him lifting her skirt and touching her. This thought made her very wet.She looked at Joe, blushed and replied, "Thank you."

"I often imagine what lies under these clothes. I wonder how you will look and how you will taste." She dropped the plate she was holding into the bowl. Without resisting him she allowed him to take her by the hand.

"But what about Simon?" she stumbled saying.

"Simon will benefit. I am going to teach you how to please my son. And I'm going to teach you how to be pleased."

With her heart pounding she followed Joe up the stairs. "The first lesson begins today." He took her into his bedroom. "Undress for me." She felt embarrassed and coy."If you don't do as I ask then you'll have to be punished."

"Punished?" she was taken aback.

"A naughty girl needs to be punished." With that he grabbed her and put her across his knee. He lifted her dress and rubbed her buttocks. She was trembling. "This will be smacked or you'll have to stand in the corner. Do as I ask like a good girl."

She stood up not sure how she was feeling - frightened, excited but she knew this was turning her on. She lifted off her dress and revealed her white cotton bra and panties. She undid her bra and, covering her breasts with her right hand, let it fall to the floor. "I need to see."

She put her arms at her side - her nipples hard with excitement. "Now your pants." She did as she was told, she could feel her cunt swelling. "Lie down on your back I want to inspect you." She found herself doing as requested without any resistance. "Not a virgin I see." She blushed. "Show me how you play with yourself!" She looked blank.

"I haven't... I mean... I don't."

"Here is lesson one." He took his finger and placed it inside her - she gasped. "Relax and let your body enjoy." He rhythmically moved his fingers in and out, touching her G-spot. She moaned and felt herself moving in time with his fingers. Suddenly his thumb found her clit and an explosion erupted inside her. She cried out. He stopped. "In the corner." She protested, desperate for these new feelings to continue.

"Please. I am sorry. I'll be a good girl. I won't make a sound. Smack me, do anything but please don't stop." He took her across his knees, and smacked her buttocks and while the pain was ringing he pushed his fingers inside her cunt. His other hand covered her mouth. She was writhing and as he moved to her clit she exploded and came. He released his grip on her mouth. "Thank you, thank you," she gushed.

"Now you have to show your gratitude."

"Oh yes, anything, anything," she said with both excitement and naivety.

"On your knees." She eagerly did this. "Here is your lesson on how to please Simon. Take your tongue and lick my balls." She did as she was told, and without being asked put his balls into her mouth and gently massaged them with her tongue. "Good girl - very clever. Now take them out and take your tongue along my shaft." She obeyed. She could hear his breathing deepen. She did as she was instructed. "Take the length of it in your mouth, and suck." Eagerly she did and could hear him moaning. "Christ I'm going to come." She continued sucking and was taken by surprise when a warm, salty juice flooded her mouth. "Swallow," and she did. He hugged her and told her, her lesson was over.

That night Simon enjoyed his first blow job from her and it blew both is cock and his mind! He was also blown away when she asked him to watch her while she masturbated.

The following weekend came and she was excited at the thought of lesson 2. She was in the kitchen making lunch when Joe came in. He went up to her and whispered, " Lesson 2." With that he pushed her over the kitchen table - he pulled her pants down. She opened her legs - she wanted whatever he had planned for her. He felt between her legs - wet. "Good girl." He undid his trousers and thrust his cock into her. She cried out - he withdrew and told her to pull up her pants and go upstairs and wait. She went into his room. He came in and, without warning, he roughly stripped her. She tried to fight him but it made him more aggressive and suddenly she was naked. "In the corner" - she felt embarrassed and wanted to cover herself up. He sensed it and made her stand in front of the window. Simon only had to look up and he'd see her. She was shaking.

After 10 minutes he told her to come to the bed. She lay down and he inspected to see how wet she was - she was very wet indeed. He kissed her neck, her breasts, her nipples and slid his tongue down her belly. He reached her pussy and she spread her legs wide for him he sucked and licked her - this sensation she loved.

He could sense her climaxing so he stopped. He flipped her over and told her to get on all fours. He roughly fucked her and she climaxed quickly. He hadn't come so he flipped her back over and fucked her hard again. She loved her teacher, but no guilt. And she held him tightly as he came.

A door slammed. Simon had come in. Joe sent her to wait for Simon in his room as Joe quickly ran to the bathroom. As the toilet flushed Joe ran downstairs and Simon asked where she was. Simon looked perplexed as Joe winked and suggested to Simon he'd better get upstairs quickly. Simon bounded the stairs to find her waiting for him in bed. They enjoyed an afternoon of experimentation and many orgasms. Simon was amazed at her sexual prowess.

Her lessons continued over many weeks and she was an enthusiastic pupil. Simon couldn't believe his luck to have a young, nubile and sexually confident playmate.

One Saturday evening she and Simon were in the lounge - they were slowly getting pissed. They were getting amorous when Joe walked in. Simon was embarrassed but she encouraged him to let things continue. She looked at Joe and smiled. He sat down to watch. Simon quickly forgot his dad was there. Simon lay on the floor as she mounted him. As she fucked him she was looking at Joe. He beckoned her to play with herself and she pinched her nipples and took a finger to her clit. She was wildly turned on - Simon had closed his eyes.

She bought Simon to a climax and he opened his eyes to find his dad sitting next to her sucking her nipples. She bent forward as she withdrew from Simon and kissed him. As she did so Joe played with her clit, making her incredibly turned on and she kissed Simon passionately and hungrily.

But she couldn't bear ignoring Joe for any longer and sat up and began kissing Joe. She wanted him, wanted her teacher, her mentor. Simon moved to sit next to them and watched.. Teacher and pupil knew each other well. She went down on him and sucked his familiar cock. As she did so Simon sucked her pussy. She was in ecstasy and climaxed quickly.

Simon left her to his dad and she bent down on all fours to the position she knew her teacher loved. He held onto her hips and fucked her. She looked at Simon as she came with his father.

Joe held her tight and whispered, "What a pupil." He took her by the hand as she took Simon's. They went into Joe's bedroom and went to sleep, she in the middle.

In the morning all parted company in silence: the end of a relationship; her graduation ceremony.

RaytownRick 61M

4/23/2006 1:11 pm

Good work. If only life were so simple!

subsara100 replies on 4/26/2006 12:00 pm:
It is Rick - this really happened!! xx

SirMounts 102M

5/10/2006 9:21 am

Stunningly well written, as always seems to be the case, with you.
Thank you for another gift, subsara. *smiling*

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