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4/27/2006 1:22 pm

She had been given explicit instructions to follow:
- To bathe, and to use the perfume Master had chosen for her.
- To wear full make up and to have that 'just got out of bed' look that He loved so much.
- Underwear would be the black and red lacy bra and full panties. The panties had a sheer back to them so He could see the crack in between her buttocks. He wanted her to wear her high black strapped heels.
- She would have her collar, leash and tawse on the sofa ready for Him.
- She would be kneeling away from the door in her position in the middle of the rug.
- He would arrive at 7pm.

At 7 the key went in the door and she knelt there, wet with anticipation. He removed his coat,shoes and his clothes and knelt behind her. "Forward." She put her arms and head on the floor in front of her and placed her buttocks in the air. He felt her cunt to check for her readiness for Him. She was wet. "Good girl. Kneel again."

As she got up He took her collar and placed it around her neck. He placed his hands on her bra straps and pulled them down. He bit each shoulder leaving a red mark. She felt herself getting wetter. He took out her breasts from her bra and began to pinch her nipples hard. As he did so he bit into the back of her neck, sucking it hard so as to leave his mark. She could feel her panties becoming wetter. He removed her bra and whispered," I have a task for you." He felt her cunt again - she wanted him to push his fingers in and make her cum, but he didn't. "Girl is ready."

He attached the leash onto her collar. He picked up the tawse and teased her - rubbing it over her breasts, her nipples and between her legs. She was screaming inside, her Master knew how she loved to be teased. "We are going to play a game. I am going to lead girl around the lounge, into the kitchen, up the stairs, wherever Master wishes. But, when Master stops girl must read his mind. She must decide whether Master wants to smack her and if so, she must take her panties down, get on all fours and place her buttocks in the air; or she may decide to suck Master's cock and if so, she must get on her knees and take Master's cock in her mouth and suck; or she may wish to play with herself for Master's amusement - she will get on her back, pull her panties aside and frig herself." She grew very excited at the game. "However, read Master's mind incorrectly and girl will be tawsed, one stroke per cheek." She realised that a lot of tawsing lay ahead of her and she trembled with fear and pleasure.

Master pulled her leash tight as she crawled on her hands and knees next to Him. She desperately needed to cum - her clit was swollen and aching. She decided that whenever Master stopped she would masturbate for Him, if only to relieve herself. He stopped.

She got onto her back, spread her legs, pulled her panties to one side and took her finger to her clit. Within seconds she was ready to cum. "No, girl is incorrect. Master wanted her to put His needs first, not hers. For that act of selfishness she will receive two straps per buttock. Position yourself."

She did as instructed - frustrated that she hadn't cum and knowing this would make the agony of not coming worse. She got on all fours, put her head on the floor and pushed her buttocks into the air. The first strike stung her right cheek and before she could absorb the pain, her left cheek had been struck. Without time to recover Master swiped the tawse across both cheeks again. She cried out. The pain subsided slowly to pleasure. " Master did not give you permission to cry out. Remove your panties and place them in your mouth." She did so immediately and assumed her position on all fours again.

Master led her into the kitchen. The tiled floor was hard under her knees and her arse was still ringing.

Master stopped and sat down. She read this to mean he'd like his cock sucking. Before her, indeed was his cock and she began by licking His balls before taking her tongue up the shaft of it, just how He liked it. She flicked her tongue under its head and then took it fully in her mouth and began to suck. Master closed his eyes and stroked her hair - she had made the right choice. As He grew firmer, nearing climax He withdrew His cock from her mouth, tearing back her face by pulling her hair.

He picked up her leash and took her up the stairs - it was difficult on all fours but she did it albeit slowly. At the top she stopped by her Master - she felt that He had been frustrated by her speed up the stairs so placed her head on the floor and her buttocks into the air for a smack. Master stood over her. "Good girl. Master will give girl three smacks per cheek for her slowness up the stairs." She bit down on her panties for Master's hands were large and hard. They left her buttocks stinging. The final blow was particularly hard and she felt tears well up into her eyes. "A pretty red arse now. Good."

He picked up her leash and led her into the bedroom. Had she done enough to be allowed to masturbate? She thought not, so when he stopped just inside the door, she got on her knees to suck him again. " A pity. Master wanted to be aroused by girl's pretty cunt. He will now have to be aroused by her pretty arse being tawsed." She, again, grew very wet - the tawse frightened but excited her. The sting was so powerful.

She placed her head on her hands in front of her; her buttocks were in the air toward her Master. "I think 3 straps per buttock will be sufficient to arouse Master." This time even the gag did not prevent her from screaming out. The fifth and sixth strap hit her arse with such force that she could feel the skin tear open. Master knew she had taken her punishment well.

As she slowly got up, her arse stinging, she crawled to Master and He took up her leash again. He led her to the left hand side of the bed and sat down. She knew what He would need and she took his erect cock in her mouth. This time she masturbated him while she sucked. Master enjoyed this and He grabbed her hair and pulled as He grew more excited. This fueled her own arousal. She gently massaged his balls and stoked his perineum. He exploded into her mouth and she swallowed his warm, salty juices. He stroked her head. "One last walk" and He took her around to the other side of the bed.

"You have been a good girl making your Master cum. Let me inspect your buttocks." She placed her head on her hands. Without warning He smacked her hard on each cheek. "Now they are a beautiful colour and girl has earned the right to cum."

She got on the bed and exposed her wet cunt to Him. He placed his fingers inside and found her g-spot. She used her own fingers to play with her very swollen clit. She came quickly and loudly, her body convulsing with the pleasure and her pain.

Master lay behind her and held her, gently rubbing her buttocks. "Girl has performed this task well. Master thinks that we will play this again soon." She smiled.

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