Agency work - part 4  

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Agency work - part 4

The second client was a man she'd seen frequent the office the first week she'd been there. She didn't like him. He was a large man with an equally large stomach and mouth. No matter where she was she could hear him - his pompous, arrogant tone perpetuating the office floor. She was dismayed to learn that he would be her next client. She'd been asked by her boss to make up the numbers at a client meeting the following day for lunch. She was briefed. Her boss was unexpectedly sympathetic: 'I know he's a difficult man but he brings a huge amount of business our way. I know many of these men are arseholes but we need to keep them sweet.' She smiled out of poiliteness.

She had dressed very severely the following day, hoping that they would be no overtime to be had. She'd stashed a small bottle of vodka in her handbag as emergency measures. She wore a black suit with a black blouse and had matching black underwear and stockings on - funereal even. She'd knew this would happen eventually - she'd come across a disagreeable client - but she had money to make.

She had a sense of dread that morning and when the boss gave her the nod she went to the bathroom to ensure she looked presentable. She met her boss in the foyer and they went in a taxi to a local hotel. He was there waiting for them. He opened the taxi door and took her hand to help her out. He kissed her hand and said that she looked lovely. His tone was softer and as she held his gaze for a moment she noticed he had the most beautiful eyes.

Seconds later he had become the familiar loud mouthed wanker - jovial and false with all around him. The lunch was long and tiresome. She made small talk but being the only female in a pride of lions it was difficult. Then, as coffee was being served, she felt a finger trace up her thigh and stop at her suspender catch. The hand stayed there - playing gently.

As everyone got up at the end of the meal he asked her to stay seated. She did as he asked and said goodbye to all. He sat down next to her and ordered them both a brandy. She hated brandy but felt she needed one for courage. He sat close and held her gaze and his hand traced her thigh again, over her skirt and played with her susender belt. 'Tell me what you have on underneath.' She did so, gazing into his dark, hazel eyes. His face was gentle and smiling - so much more attractive.'Could I see?'

She smiled - the brandy had relaxed her and she no longer felt revulsion but intrigue: how a man could be such two different people. 'I'm afraid you will have to pay my overtime and it is very expensive.'

'Could you do two hours overtime? Say £150?' This was more than she had asked for before but thought that it would be compensation for being with someone she had found disagreeable in the office. She nodded and he gently led her by the hand to his room.

He was surprisingly gentle and kissed her tenderly on the mouth. His hand, again, felt for her suspender belt and he moaned. ' I love stockings and suspenders. My wife won't wear them for me. Can I see?' She pushed him to the bed and let her jacket fall to the floor. He sat gazing at her.

She slowly pulled her blouse from out of her skirt and undid the buttons very, very slowly. She leant in towards him, a centimetre from his mouth, teasing him. As she stood up she brushed her breasts over his mouth and he gasped. She let the blouse fall to the floor. 'How much do you want to see my stockings?' She played with her nipples through her bra.

'£200. Please let me see. Please.' His begging made her aroused - this arrogant wanker - who would have thought? She undid her bra and asked him to put his money between her tits. He couldn't get the money out quick enough. She let her bra drop, taking the money and putting it in her bag.

'What else doesn't your wife let you do?' She said provocatively and teasingly letting her nipple come to rest on his lips.

'Oh my God.' He gasped as she ran her nipples along his mouth. His tongue licked them and he began to suck hungrily. His hands grabbed her arse, pumelling her cheeks. She began to enjoy the power she had over this man. This arsehole was putty in her hands.

She undid her skirt. He sat back and moaned, 'Please take it off slowly. I want to savour this moment.' She did as he asked, turning away from him she took her skirt down very, very slowly. She grabbed her ankles and let him take in the view of her arse, stockings, panties and suspenders. 'Oh baby, baby. Can I touch you?' She turned around and placed a foot up on the bed to his right. 'Oh Jesus,' he whimpered as she began to touch herself. 'Can I lick you?'

'That will cost more.' He took out another fifty and she pulled her panties to one side so that he could lick her. He buried his head in her pussy. He was in heaven and was so ravenously hungry.He spent 30 minutes eating her pussy - biting her, sucking her, flicking his tongue over her clit, consuming her. She was a little aroused and bemused at the sight.

When he finished he looked like the cat who'd got the cream. 'Oh baby, your pussy is sweet. My wife never lets me near her, she doesn't like oral.'

'Giving and receiving?' she enquired.

'You wouldn't would you? I'll pay you. Oh Christ please. I can't remember how long it's been since I had a blow job.' He offered another £50. This was easy money she thought. She took the money and he scrabbled to remove his clothes. He lay back on the bed his cock rock hard. She straddled him, her arse facing him. 'Oh yes.' And he played with the top of her stockings.

She licked the length of his shaft and he gasped. She took his length in her mouth and slowly and rhythmically began to suck. His hands grabbed her hips as within a minute he had come in her mouth. She turned to face him quickly and swallowed. This final act saw him spasm with delight. 'Oh my God.' She got off the bed and began to dress. 'That was amazing, baby, fucking amazing.'

She went into the bathroom to freshen up. She drank the miniature bottle of vodka to get rid of his taste. He gave her his card and told her to ring him. She smiled politely and left. On the way out of the hotel she placed his card in the bin.

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Hmmm...isn't it amazing how sometimes the people that we find most disagreeable out in public end up being the most tender, even halfway nice, privately...putty in our hands...and then, there's the exact opposite as well.

Keep on your writing!

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