Agency work - part 1  

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Agency work - part 1

Marriage had not turned out as she had planned. Excitement and thrills had been sacrificed for safety and security; life was dull. On top of which there was the financial strain ‒ the wedding had cost her every penny she had.

The advert in the student union office had seemed innocent enough: 'Agency workers required ‒ must be smartly dressed and articulate'. How difficult was that? She asked for more information at the office and was told it was a reputable agency, good pay but it was glorified escort work. ‘Prostitution?’ There had to be a catch but the girl chewing gum behind the desk assured her that it was above board and that she would be in control of what she did or did not do. So she gave them a call.

The interview in Birmingham City Centre was formal ‒ more formal that she had imagined. Her ‘clientele’ would be prestigious and she would be rewarded handsomely for her discretion. But trust and discretion were paramount. It sounded exciting and thrilling and for a short few hours per week she would be solving her financial problems and her thrill seeking urges.

She would be ensconced in a large firm of solicitors and employed to do clerk work. She would have an initial meeting with her clients in this guise at work. But when her office work ended her escort work began. She would be the clients’ ‘lunch date’. More than that would lie in her and the clients’ hands.

The first client she met, she recognised. She had seen him before in the newspapers. Her stomach began to whirl and felt tongue tied. She had a tight grey pencil skirt on with a pink satin blouse opened enough to get a glimpse of her fleshy tits. Her hair was in a 30s style bob and her high pink heels pushed her arse out and emphasised her calves. As she walked into the office with her note-pad she could feel his eyes taking her in and he smiled at her. She blushed a little and smiled back. This seemed to please him and he held her gaze.

He leant over to her and gave her the name of a local hotel and told her that she would be met by the concierge at 1.15pm who would bring her to his table. He got up. He rested a hand on her neck and flicked her blouse open slightly with his middle finger and then moved out of the room ‒ his small entourage following.

Her boss reiterated the importance of the client and how much the firm prided itself of meeting each individual client’s needs. She nodded and left the office. She went into the toilets to freshen up. She had brought her honeymoon underwear to put on - delicate broidery anglais cotton bra and French knickers. She looked at herself in the mirror. Was she doing the right thing? Too late to back out.

She took a taxi and arrived a few minutes early. The concierge was indeed waiting but he didn’t take her to a restaurant. She found herself being taken to a large suite. She began to panic a little but on opening the door she could see her client and a lunch set out on the table. He bade her welcome and a waiter appeared to serve lunch. The meal passed without a hitch and she began to relax. The champagne was helping. Conversation was natural and sensing her ease, he dismissed the waiter. They were alone.

‘I have been impressed by you this lunch time. The agency has chosen particularly well. Are you in a rush to get back?’ A dilemma rushed her head ‒ was she going to get paid for this ‘overtime’?

Sensing her hesitation he added, ‘Of course I will pay you for your overtime. Would £100 for a couple of hours be agreeable?’ Before she had allowed herself to think rationally about all of this she nodded.

He explained that he would like to play a game with her. A game he assured her that would require nothing of her except to do as he asked. He would guarantee she would come to no harm. She nodded again. He then demanded she get on all fours and await his command. Without a word she did as she was told. He lifted the back of her skirt so it revealed her panties. She began to feel a little aroused as he took his hand and felt over her arse cheeks. He traced his fingers along her inner thighs and she could feel her clit throbbing. She tried to stop herself from liking this but something was awakening.

He stood up and went to his wallet. He scattered ten £10 notes over the floor and ordered her to pick them up which she did. He told her to stand up and put the money in her bag. He then demanded she strip to her undies. She held his gaze as she did so and he smiled at her smugly. This made her feel uncomfortable but he seemed to revel in this.

He made her get on all fours again and crawl towards him. He took off his jacket and laid it across her back. He did the same with his shirt and tie. He was left in his boxers and socks. He then demanded she crawl with his belongings on her back to his chair and place them on their neatly. He then watched her as she crawled back.

He sat on the edge of his bed and masturbated watching her as she waited. He demanded she sit next to him on the bed and take off her bra. She did as she was told. His masturbation increased in speed. He then stopped and asked her to take off her panties and nervously she did. He moved to sit at the top of the bed on the pillows. He asked her to lay in front of him with her legs wide open to he could look at her. At no point did he touch her and she didn’t know whether to feel insulted or relieved.

He asked her to masturbate herself and, as he watched, he too began to masturbate. He asked her to take her left nipple in her left hand and squeeze it. He demanded her eye contact and began to call her ‘Slut, whore, bitch, slag’ as he grew near climaxing. As she began to climax he screamed as he climaxed with her. His body shook and spasmed as he came over his belly. ‘Clean this up slut.’

She crawled over the bed and as she did so he moaned. He lay back as she licked his juices from his skin. ‘Thank you.’ He got up to go into the bathroom. ‘Please ring down to reception when you are ready. A car will take you home. We shall do this again soon.’ With that he was gone.

In the car on the way home she could still taste him in her mouth. She smiled; a secret smile.

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like the story

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Hot. Like your blog.

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