One more reason to luv shoe shopping...  

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5/11/2006 11:42 pm

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One more reason to luv shoe shopping...

I was meeting a couple of girlfriends the other night-we were playing our favorit game-"Big Game Hunting"! It's a little game we play to see who can hook up with the guy with the biggest cock! Whoever wins is treated to a yummy massage by Marcus-he gives FULL body rubs!! Ofcourse my friends and I treated him to our special massage \8b the last time we were in to see him! Good thing no one checked out the noises cumming from his area! >>! Before I met up with the girls, I popped into a nearby discount store-checkin' out the purses and shoes!! There was only a couple of other people in the store and I was pretty much alone in the shoes. There were a bunch of 'fuck me' shoes so I had to try them on!! happyf; My pussy always gets soo wet trying on or wearing those shoes! I was dressed perfectly for trying on the shoes-tight mini, low cut shirt, push up bra (not that I really need one) and ofcourse, no panties! Just workin' what my momma gave me! I found a really sexy pair of black stiletos-they were perfect-I love that when I wear them, they push my ass way out-just waiting for someone to help themself to my pussy! I was caught up in the throbbing in my pussy, I didn't hear him cum up behind me. The Brotha' came up right behind me and whispered in my ear "I gotta fuck that pussy!" My back arched a little more and he slipped 2 fingers across my pussy lips. I nearly passed out as a huge orgasm ripped through my body. He grabbed me so I didn't fall off my heels. I turned around and smiled at this beautiful black Man! \8b My mouth fell open and he fed me the 2 fingers that had just been in my pussy! Mmmmmm! He bent over and kissed me-catching me off guard-I couldn't breathe-his tongue tickling the back of my throat. He broke the kiss, grabbed my arm, said he was buying the shoes for me, but I had to keep them on while he fucked me hard! >>! He dragged me out to his car where his friend was waiting. He shoved me in the back seat and climbed in on top of me. He ripped my shirt open and shoved my skirt up around my waist. His friend turned around to see what the hell was going on. My "date" said he was just getting paid for buying me a pair of shoes. Marcus, my date, pulled out his cock-it had to have been 10 inches long and 6 inches around! All I could do was to beg him for that monster! It was leaking pre-cum and I was desparate to taste it! He squeezed out some on his fingers and fed it to me! He started stroking his cock and flicking his thumb over my clit. I pleaded with him to give me that cock. Marcus told his friend that I was a good buy! His friend yelled at him to hurry up and fuck me so he could get paid too. Marcus rubbed the head of his cock on my pussy lips. I thought I was gonna lose my mind. He put the huge head just at the entrance. I thrust my hips up to try get as much in as I could. He told his friend that I was one horny little bitch! and then slammed his cock inside of me. I thought I was being split in half! But it hurt sooo good! He pounded me and flipped my over and drove it deep. I felt like I was going to choke on it! >>! His friend kept telling him to fuck me good, to this bitch that she was nothing but a cum hole. I was soo turned on. By now, I was having one continuous orgasm. I could feel his cock getting hotter and swelling bigger than ever. I knew by his grunts that he was going to cum soon. I wanted his cum deep in my pussy so I slammed back against him as hard as I could. He grabbed my hips and started to jack hammer my pussy. Never before have I felt so full. His balls kept hitting my clit and it set off the wildest orgasm ever-I was yelling for him to fuck me and fuck me. He grabbed my hips and shoved every inch of his cock sooo deep inside of me-it triggered a mind shattering orgasm in me. My cunt sqeezed his cock and I could feel him shooting his boiling cum deep inside. We were joined together for forever-my pussy sqeezing every last drop out of that beautifu rod. I couldn't believe how full I still felt. He pulled out and grabbed my by the hair-yanking me back on him, shoving nearly his whole cock in my throat! I gladly sucked and licked his cock-sucking every drop-his dick started to get hard again-he shoved his cock deeper in my mouth and shot another load of cum down my throat. It was delicious! His friend started snapping pics with his cell phone. He said some of their other friends might like to see my nice pussy. Once I recovered, I called my girls to see if they wanted to meet us so we all could party! I sent them a couple of pics-they both agreed that they wouldn't be able to top Marcus' cock or his friend's. Marcus invited us to his house and we fucked all night long. He had a huge king size bed and had to sleep by his rules-anytime someone would wake up, they had to lick,suck or fuck whoever was closest!\8b We decided to give the guys a treat so I was licking Jenn's well fucked pussy while Nicole sat on Jenn's face. It didn't take long for our moaning to wake the guys up. THey watched our show fo a little while but soon had to join in. 2 more of Marcus' friends showed up when thy received the pictures. Jenn, nicki and I opened the door-completely naked-me sucking on nicki's tit! They were more than happy to stay and "help" us out!

But that's a whole other story...

PS: Jenn, Nicki and I don't mind staying home once in awhile to have a little fun! Mmmmmm...PUSSY!!!

Oh baby...that's just how I like it!! \8b

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