I think I can! I think I can!!  

submissiveinbed 48F
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5/23/2006 10:28 pm

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9/12/2007 7:45 pm

I think I can! I think I can!!

Last night, I had a guy from this site! He was incredible!!

A little about me: I'm looking for a dom-cuz I really want to try to push my limits. (He was more that willing to help me with that!)
This afternoon, I was thinking about last night. Actually, I sat down a little too quickly, and I was instantly reminded of our activities! >>!
You need to know that my mouth is a little smaller than most people-I can't open it as far. I have sucked some huge cocks before (Mmmmm) and never really had a problem. He shoved me on my knees to suck his cock and when he pulled his cock out, 2 things happened: My pussy immediately flooded-it is a beautiful foot of cock!! and I panicked a little-how was I going to get that in my mouth? and then in my pussy?!?!?! I could just barely get my mouth around it-I knew I would never be able to deep throat him, but I sure as hell wanted to try!!! I think I got more down my throat than what I had expected. I got spanked a couple of times, cuz I couldn't take it all in. And not those little pansy-ass spankings-I could still see his hand print when I got home! Atleast he likes having his balls sucked!! I love doing that and I suck a mean set of balls!! I look forward to 'practicing' with him to get more down my throat!
I was mentioning my date last night to a girlfriend. She asked if we had sex last night-I had to stop and think for a minute-having sex just didn't seem to be the right description! (And by no means am I saying is should have been 'making love'!!!!) With this guy-I GOT FUCKED!! After I sucked him for awhile, he ordered me on my knees so he could fuck me doggie style!! (Doggie is my favorite!) >>! He slammed his cock into me on the first stroke! I so though that I was being ripped in half! Oh, but the pain was so so good! \8b I didn't think it was possible for him to get any deeper in my throbbing pussy, but he just kept pushing deeper and deeper with every stroke!! I got to suck him when he came-so much cum!! Mmmmm!! He says he wants to fuck my ass next-but I don't know if I can handle that! I think I'd have to stretch it for awhile before I can give it up! Who am I kidding-he can fuck me anyway he wants!!

Oh baby...that's just how I like it!! \8b

highflyer68 47M

8/22/2006 12:30 am

That was a pretty good story I almost started stroking myself when I read it. It definitely made me want to find someone (maybe you... wink)and try some of those moves oh fuck I'm getting hard again

Keep it up as it keeps my dick up.

EdgarDikesCeded 47M
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7/17/2007 8:22 pm

sounds like a good night for you!

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