A little different kind of story....  

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5/13/2006 3:41 am

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A little different kind of story....

This is a little softer than my other writings-but I am a very passionate person too!! Hope you like it!

My perfect date...
A nice long walk around the lakes-no bugs/humidity, about 70 degrees. From there stopping by a book store-getting coffee and reading (quietly) erotica/Penthouse Forum to each other all alone in the corner. From there, we have dinner at some dark, romantic restaurant-teasing each other with quick kisses, sexual innuendos, and "accidental" touches-just building the sexual energy and tension between us. We have a few drinks, listen to some live smooth jazz and feel the music-knowing that our bodies will soon be pulsing to the same rhythm! The ride to his place is quiet-just some slow rubbing, a little finger sucking and a 'melt into each other' hug when we arrive and go inside. You open a bottle of wine and we listen to that old soul (baby-makin') music-the kind you just have to be slow dancing to-running your hands all over each other's bodies; share some long deep kisses, here the low groans of yearning coming from each other. Some how we manage to sit back on the couch, feeling each others heart beating. You take my chin and turn it upward to meet your lips. Our kisses are deep-taking my breath away. I turn to face you and we continue to kiss; you reach up and begin massaging my breasts; I allow my hand to brush over the bulge growing in your pants-you let out a small gasp. Suddenly our kisses become more urgent and we can hardly stand it anymore. You tell me how beautiful I look and how sexy I am! I tell you how much I want you inside of me. We move to your bedroom and you lay me down on the bed-your body rubbing against mine. You stop to light some candles and you climb back on the bed with me. We start to caress each other again, but this time we know we need more. We stand and I begin unbuttoning your shirt-running my fingers lightly over your stomach-kissing everywhere I touch. I then reach between us and undo your belt-your breathing becomes more jagged. I undo your pants and slowly push them down. You step out of those and I drop to my knees to pull your boxers off. You can hardly breathe at this point. I have trouble pulling them down as your cock is so long and hard. I lean forward and lightly brush my cheek and lips over the head. You so want to grab me by the back of the head and feed me every inch of your throbbing member. But I'm still clothed. You pull me up and undo my shirt, give me a big hug and undo my bra-before you pull it off, I grabbed it and stepped back from you. slowly, while still covering my breasts, I strip the bra away-still covering myself with my arms, I move behind you and rub my rock hard nipples along your back. I run my tongue up and down your spine-I can feel you shiver. You turn around and slowly pull my hand away from my breasts and moan your approval of them. You push me back on the bed, climb over me, undo my pants, and pull them off. All I have on now is my g-string. you kneel in front of me on the floor, grab my legs and pull me closer to you. With your teeth, you grab the sting on my panties and pull them off. I try to cover myself, but you grab my legs and spread them wide. You pull me even closer so my pussy is right at the edge of the bed. You spread the lips and quckly lick my clit. I jumped so you thrust your tongue in deeper-I am writhing before you and try to pull your head all the way into my pussy-but you pull away. I start to recover and now desparately need to taste you. You climb on top of me and kiss me, but I rolled you over-straddling your crotch. I push your cock down with my pussy and then start to rub it's length back and forth over the shaft. My pussy is so wet and hot-you try to maneuver me so you can push me down on your cock, but I won't do it. I slide down further and and start massaging your thighs and all around your cock. I give it little licks now and then, but am touching everwhere else but where you want me to. You are frantically trying to direct my mouth over your cock. I grab hold of it and I lick it a little harder. I am getting it all wet and suddenly I take you all the way down my throat. My throat muscles quickly massage the head and then I release. I thought for sure you would cum right then. You cant stand it anymore. You grab me and throw me onto the bed and jump on top of me. You cock lines up perfectly with me and with one stroke, you completely burried yourself sooo deep inside of me. I can't breath while I'm trying to get used to the size of it. You immediately start pumping your hips-slamming it into me, shoving your tongue in my mouth. We reach a fevered pace and that feeling starts building in the pit of my stomach. Your cock is so hard and so hot. Your cock is hitting my clit-I knew it wasn't going to take long for me to cum. I start to moan and whimper that I am going to cum. You increase your speed and I feel it getting even harder and hotter. Just a couple more pumps and you hit my trigger-I start bucking and screaming which triggers your orgasm=together we frantically slammed our sex together as we rode out the wave-it just kept rolling over me! You collapse on top of me and lay there with your cock still buried inside of me. I can start to feel your cum leaking out of me-there was so much!! My pussy trying to milk every last drop. We drifted off together and I awoke still filled with you. i gently started moving my hips to stimulate your cock. I tongued your ear gently-cuz that always gets you hard. Yes!! It starts to grow. You wake up with me stroking you with my pussy! You groan that you have to fuck me again! You immediately begin to slide it in and out of my well lubricated pussy. I can't believe how good you feel! From then on, we were a blur of different positions and intensity. When you finally came this time, you pulled out and shot your load on my tits and face-filling my mouth-which I gladly swallowed! You then reached back and scouped some of your cum from my pussy from the first round and fed it to me too! You shoved 3 fingers inside of me and then stuck them in my mouth for me to suck on. I got to clean your cock off too! This went on for hours-we finally passed out when the sun was cumming up. We didn't sleep for long though!!

Oh baby...that's just how I like it!! \8b

bigasslover651 58M
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6/22/2006 10:47 pm

....cant wait to make you do this to me...LOL....

submissiveinbed replies on 6/24/2006 1:59 am:
Baby!! I'm afraid of your cock-I don't know if you are going to get this chance or not! What do you mean by "making me"??

(I love the being forced roleplay!!)

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